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Published on March 23rd, 2016 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed: “Parting Shot”

That’s a clever title, I gotta say… 

I’ve got to admit that Parting Shot kind of blindsided me. I was totally expecting either Bobbi or Hunter to die in this episode because nothing good ever happens in Russia! To my surprise, not only is the episode entirely dedicated to the pair but is also one of the most satisfying send-offs I’ve seen on TV. Don’t worry though Huntingbird fans, you’ll be able to catch the continuing adventures of Bobbi and Hunter in Marvel’s Most Wanted.

tumblr_o4i68jMBWP1sh40dyo1_500 tumblr_o4i68jMBWP1sh40dyo2_500Nick Blood is well on form, delivering gags all throughout the episode and generally being an incredibly likable dick. It’s funny how most of his comedic highlights are either solo or with May as his straight man.

tumblr_o4hm7gj8tk1qgapqso1_540 tumblr_o4hm7gj8tk1qgapqso2_540Adrianne Palicki, on the other hand, finds her best moments with Mack and Daisy, playing the big sister role to a T and generally being a badass. A perfect showcase of her character.

Combined they have some fun banter about having never had a proper vacation and then a sweet little moment after being reunited that is genuinely touching. BUT NOT AS TOUCHING AS THIS!

tumblr_o4h4fyjXC41uwk5zpo1_400 tumblr_o4h4fyjXC41uwk5zpo2_400 tumblr_o4h4fyjXC41uwk5zpo3_400 tumblr_o4h4fyjXC41uwk5zpo4_400 tumblr_o4h4fyjXC41uwk5zpo5_400 tumblr_o4h4fyjXC41uwk5zpo6_400 tumblr_o4h4fyjXC41uwk5zpo7_r1_400God damn it, my fool heart can’t take this. I don’t even have the words, I just recommend watching the scene because god damn… It’s a perfect send off. A perfect Parting Shot.

tumblr_o4ht2ibtWh1qg5xl4o1_540Post-credits see’s Gideon Malick being the oldest white dude ever and hanging around with his daughter, Stephanie! I wonder what Bethany Joy Lenz is going to get up to in this shot but I guess we’ll find out soon!

Parting Shot is a Kinder Egg of an episode; surprisingly subdued but ultimately satisfying and we’ll just have to see how next week’s Watchdogs measures up!

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