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Published on October 19th, 2013 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed – “Eye-Spy”

Ooooooh! That title makes way more sense now!

Eye-Spy kicks off in a mysterious but ultimately disappointing way. Y’know those oh-so-spooky dudes in red masks from the teasers? CORPORATE SECURITY. What the actual hell. Not only is that an immensely stupid idea but it’s never brought up again outside of the first 10mins. Anyway, they’re are the victim of an immense ass-whooping and diamond heist as Coulson’s ex-protégé, Akela Amador, pulls off the heist. She disappeared years ago and has been “recruited” into doing jobs for a shadowy organisation.

It’s great to see more science fiction tech in the show, with a new, miniaturised version of the knock-out gun and some freaky eyeball implants that relay messages from handler to operative. I wonder who it is developing this tech and doing all this shadow-y nonsense? A.I.M? Possibly.

Character development has been great, the show is really hitting it’s stride. Melinda May is developing more and more into a Mother Hen kind of figure who watches everyone’s backs, but mostly Coulson’s.
Skye is chipper, works well with FitzSimmons and she seems genuine in her desire to be a SHIELD Agents, despite currently being a double-agent. Coulson is adorable as usual.

Coulson Watch this week includes Akela asking Melinda what SHIELD did to Coulson, hinting that she saw something weird with her x-ray eye. She’s not telling for now but it’s more fuel for the conspiracy fire.


Ultimately, this is a solidly written and highly entertaining episode but nothing to really sink my teeth into so I’m cutting this short. Next week promises much more meat though as pyromancers ignite and traitors are revealed by the Girl in the Flower Dress. See you next week!

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