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Published on November 11th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed: “Chaos Theory”

Always look on the briiiight side of life… *whistles devolves into quiet sobbing*   

Jaysus… This week was FEELS City in SHIELD… Seriously, this was an emotional rollercoaster of an episode. Woo-boy…

tumblr_nxmx028i9R1uiauppo1_540 tumblr_nxmx028i9R1uiauppo2_540Fitz continues to work on the Will problem for Jemma, even though it’s killing him inside. Thankfully, he recovers the data from Simmon’s sim card and, as well as finding information on the planet and getting a working theory on how to bring Will back, he finds the videos addressed to him and Iain’s performance in this scene is so damn compelling. All the doubt fades and his love and resolve galvanises in that one scene.

tumblr_nxnyghmq9T1ubiau5o1_500 tumblr_nxnyghmq9T1ubiau5o2_500 tumblr_nxnyghmq9T1ubiau5o3_500Also, Fitz and Hunter agree that Will has a hog face. BROS! BROS! BROS!

tumblr_nxnybl2C8h1ubiau5o2_500After last week’s stunning revelation, the fallout sees May struggles with her emotions in a way we’ve never seen before. This is genuine terror, not only because of what Andrew is but also what that means for them. It’s heartbreaking, really.

Quick side-note, shout-out to Jack Guzman (aka SHIELD Agent #1) for being the second (of three) Power Rangers alumni to appear in Marvel Cinematic productions so far. Seriously, we had Nikolai Nikolaeff as Vlad in Daredevil, Guzman here and Eka Darville in the upcoming Jessica Jones! It’s pretty weird seeing them for me.

tumblr_nxnl80hVn21s1nxbto1_500And then we come to the knife-twisting. Rosalind is affiliated with HYDRA. FUCK. And we find this out after her and Coulson have hooked up. DOUBLE-FUCK! God damn it, writers! Stop blowing holes in my ships! What does this mean for our resident father-figure? Nothing good, count on it.

Chaos Theory is an exercise in puppy-kicking and if you’re not emotionally spent by the end of it, you’re probably dead inside. God knows what the writers have in store next week in Many Heads, One Tale.

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