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Published on October 28th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed: “4, 722 Hours”

That episode needed more Redbone in it’s opening.  


4, 722 Hours is a visceral gut-punch of an episode, not only because it’s subject matter but also because, seriously, how much day-for-night shooting can you have in one episode? Not enough, apparently!

tumblr_inline_nwxrjjlUdG1ss1lam_540And that’s my only gripe with the episode, but boy-oh-boy there’s a lot of uppity bitches in the fandom right now. Most people have seen this for an the intriguing episode that it is but then there’s the vocal minority who are only concerned with ‘shaming’ Jemma for actions that are perfectly natural.

In the words of Thor; calm thy tits, ye shipping trash.

tumblr_nwx2yyQNXt1qi1yb8o3_540 tumblr_nwx2yyQNXt1qi1yb8o1_540So? That alien planet’s a bit of a mystery, eh? Sentient sandstorms that hide cloaked figures and impossible geology? All very cosmic and I can’t wait for us to get back there. Is the shrouded figure/space man the actual Death, beloved of the Mad Titan Thanos? Possibly, but it’s the planet itself that interests me. Given the light and heat from beneath the surface as well as ravines growing wider in a short amount of time and the general aura of ‘evil’… I’m pulling for this to be Ego the Living Planet. It’s a long shot but I’ll take those odds!

So then, Will. What are you intentions with our Simmons. *eyes the new boy sceptically* Played by Dillon Casey (best known for stuff and things), Will the Astronaut is a good addition to the episode because as cool as Elizabeth Henstridge is, I don’t think she could carry an entire episode solo. It’s also a pretty decent reason for Simmons wanting to go back and I’ll explain why in a second. His performance is solid, he’s a likeable guy and is a proven badass for surviving 14 years on devil planet.

tumblr_nwxbq3u5H81tefm30o4_500 tumblr_nwxbq3u5H81tefm30o5_500Now, Will and Simmons hooking up. I’m in favour of it! Put your fucking pitchforks down and let me explain! Naturally, when you’re trapped in a situation of extreme stress and have lost all hope, it’s perfectly reasonable that you’d turn to the one person you’ve come to rely on for comfort, emotional and physical. They found hope in each other and it helped them survive what would otherwise be a hellish situation.

tumblr_inline_nwy44azyWF1sn2nxc_500So back off Simmons! She’s not at fault here. She’s not a bitch, she hasn’t friend zoned Fitz or any other such bollocks. She reacted just like any of us would have, in an all too human way. That’s not to say Fitz’s face after being told this story isn’t heartbreaking but the day is saved by Fitz being the bigger man and promising to help Simmons save Will. You’re a cool guy, Fitz!

A solid and interesting episode and I’m glad we got all this out of the way early doors because next episode promises to be an arse-kicking affair in Among Us Hide…

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