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Published on December 12th, 2013 | by JJ


The Drive In Of DOOM!- Tank Girl

Hello and welcome back to DOOM!’s exploration of the Comic Book film genre hosted by Aaron Fever and JJ Hawkins.

This month we We take a look at the first film in this series with a female protagonist, played by Lori Petty, and a female director, Rachel Talalay, in the 90’s classic (classic?) Tank Girl!
In all of the episodes we have done so far, we may not have agreed about each film, but none have been so divisive as this one so far. One of us feels it is a fun time capsule of its age, and the other sees it as a jumbled mess. So that means you people get the most energetic podcast to date! You lucky people.

“Just throw everything in the warehouse onto the set. Yes, you heard me, EVERYTHING.”

Subtlety thy name is McDowell.

“The bomb bra is an iconic image, make sure it is in the movie!”
“But it looks kinda stupid in real life”

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