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Published on July 3rd, 2014 | by JJ


The Drive In Of DOOM- Spawn

Hello and welcome back to DOOM!’s exploration of the Comic Book film genre hosted by Aaron Fever and JJ Hawkins.

This month we return to the 90’s with Todd McFarlane’s Spawn. So, last time we delved into this decade, Aaron was defending Tank Girl to an increasingly irate JJ, does the pattern continue? Does JJ just hate all 90’s movies? Is Aaron such a 90’s kid that he can’t see what the hell is wrong?

A career in Hollywood…first the rubber suit, then The Dark Knight, and then onto Black Dynamite…

Easily the best part of this film, best acting, best make up it almost makes up for…

…maybe not.

In fact, to hell with it. Here is Batman on a shark with a lightsaber. Your movie is invalid.

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