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Published on April 8th, 2013 | by JJ


The Drive In Of DOOM!- Iron Man 2

Hello and welcome back to DOOM!’s exploration of the Comic Book film genre hosted by Aaron Poole and JJ Hawkins. This month we look at the second tale of Tony Stark in Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man 2. While not as popular as the first, this film is still beloved here in the halls of DOOM tower and we attempt to figure out what every one has against this film, anyway.

A film that dares to show foodstuffs larger than the hero!

a film that DARES to give the world back Gary Shandling…

Several choices to drink along this month. First off, you may feel compelled to take a sip whenever our duo break out into a certain Black Sabbath song. Second, you may even go along with the early suggestion that you take a sip each time our heroes talk of the amazing Sam Rockwell. However, I am guessing the real Drive-In devotees will want to have something at hand for every time the guys start talking about that damned bird…

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