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Published on November 8th, 2012 | by Ryan


S.T.R.A.T.U.S. Episode 1: Ignition

STRATUS podcast banner - the website of doom!

Stratus podcast logo - the website of doom!


We founded S.T.R.A.T.U.S. for one very simple reason. Giant monsters destroying your city can really screw up your day. That, and giant robots are cool. Alright two very simple reasons. So we created Stratus (You can spell it this way too. Those periods are tedious as all hell.) an organization that builds giant mech robots, crams teenagers into the pilot seats, and catapults them towards the dragon/tortoise hybrid levelling your apartment complex.

However a couple weeks into this gig we quickly realized that the Emperor of Space doesn’t send its dreadnought armada to kill you everyday. In fact most days are SO SLOW. Some days we just stare at the alarm light hoping for it to go off, bored out of our tiny skulls. So it was either waste company time by re watching the entire run of Cheers on Netflix or steal the audio equipment from the test flight area and start a podcast. Guess which one we went with.

Each week you can listen to the heads of Stratus: Dr. Disaster and Sir Michael discuss movies, video games, anime, comics, sports HA GOT YA! Ha ha sports, that’s rich! Whew, I needed that. But seriously if you’re into any of the stuff before sports you’re gonna love this show. I mean we’re huge nerds. Girls totally find us revolting and everything! And you can only listen to it here at the Website of Doom!

This week’s episode:

On this week’s episode meet Dr. Disaster and Sir Michael, the founding members of Stratus. You’ll also get to find out the challenges of running a giant robot organization, manning up for Ocarina of Time’s Water Temple, the language of homeless people, the disappointment of Spore, a very different prequel to Schindler’s List, Aerith’s dead corpse, Prof Oak’s ulterior motives,  plus we play a trivia game that everyone can play along with!

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