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Review: Doctor Who – The Angels Take Manhattan

So this is how it ends. A journey of three seasons and of two extraordinary companions. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the departure of Rory and Amy Williams. SPOILERS.

I was dreading this episode for a number of reasons, partly because of two great characters leaving and because of how it would be handled and while it’s not perfect, I think it works well. The Weeping Angels were the perfect enemy to face the trio in their final enemy because they’re menacing, relentless and masters of killing someone in a way that lets them live out their life, albeit in another time. Yeah, for me this is the weakest point of the episode, the Ponds die but they get a happy ending. Make up your mind, Moffat! Do you want to scar us for life or just for a little while? You can’t have both! And what about Brian?! Are we going to see that or not? Anyway, Moffat does a great job of building the dread in this episode and gives you just enough hope to think it’s all going to be okay and then BAM!

Everyone is on top form apart from maybe River, who feels a little wasted. Make no mistake, it’s always fantastic to have Alex Kingston flirt it up and argue with Matt Smith but she serves no real purpose, just being there for the sake of being there. Thinking about it, Rory also seems to be put into the backseat of the episode and, apart from a few moments and clever lines, is the damsel in distress. Remember when the Last Centurion was a badass? I was expecting a little more badass but Arthur Darvill plays the role he’s given perfectly, being wily and snaky as usual.

Matt Smith knocks it out of the park with his anger, grief and performance in general. He’s really come into his own as The Doctor and this is one of his finest moments.
Karen Gillan has the toughest job in this episode, juggling her relationships with the Doctor, Rory and River. Showing her age with the glasses was a nice touch and her maturity and– Y’know what? What are you doing reading this? Why aren’t you watching the episode for yourself? It’s a fantastic episode and you shouldn’t be reading this when you could be watching The Angels Take Manhattan.

This is the last episode for now, with the Doctor returning at Christmas with an all-new, yet strangely familiar, companion. So goodbye raggedy man, for now at least.




























You’re still here? Review’s over. Go watch the episode! GO!

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