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Published on June 26th, 2014 | by Sharp-O


Mint in Box: LEGO Ultra Agents Riverside Raid Review

Calling all Agents! Adam Acid is by the riverside! Deploy the River Raider!

Raid 014After looking at one of the more expensive sets in my Hurricane Heist review, we’re scaling down our operations and handling a small-scale raid by Toxikita’s henchman, Adam Acid. Luckily, Agent Max Burns is in hot purusit in his River Raider ATV (They don’t give the vehicles names but it makes sense, right?)

Raid 015 Raid 020This is the entry-level set for Ultra Agents, retailing for around £9.99. You get two small bags and not much else so let’s dive into the minifigures!

Raid 022 Raid 025Agent Max Burns is the epitome of rookie, with his unkempt hair and dishevelled suit. You can tell he’s one of the younger Agents, if not the youngest. His alternate face is a cocksure smile. Adam Acid is a far more grim villain than you’d expect. He’s visibily rotting from toxic exposure, with little left of his once yellow face and even having an entire arm in a toxic green. His head is translucent apart from a painted yellow grimace which looks great with light coming through it. Two fantastic little minifigures!

Raid 029First thing you’ll be building are wheelie bins! Okay, technically they’re supposed to be crates but anyone is going to thing they’re wheelie bins. Not much to else to say!

Raid 030 Raid 032 Raid 034 Raid 036 Raid 038 Raid 040 Raid 042The River Raider (better than just calling it an ATV) is the big build of this small set. It is quick, simple but the end result is definitely cool!

Raid 047 Raid 051Much like I said in my Hurrican Heist review, the Agents’ vehicles really scratch my nostalgia itch, evoking more memories of the M.A.S.K. toyline of my youth. The River Raider can deploy a jet ski from it’s ATV frame work to chase villains into the water. A winch is included to haul the jet ski back onto land which is a clever little touch I can appreciate.

Raid 056Final thoughts! Do I recommend this set? Definitely! Do I think it’s good value for money? Not even close!

Raid 061Wait, wait, hear me out. This is undeniably an exciting, fun and clever little set but, I don’t think £9.99 is a justifiable price when Mixels with 20 less pieces than this set sell for £3.99! Personally, I think this set would feel better to me as a consumer if it was a little cheaper, around £7.99 would be the sweet spot. If you can find this set for a discount, I definitely recommend picking it up because, as with all the Ultra Agents sets, this is an imaginative set with some clever engineering and brilliant characters!

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