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Mint in Box: LEGO Jurassic World – 75915 Pteranodon Capture

That Pteranodon looks so much like Terrorsaur, it makes me happy!  

75915 Pteranodon Capture is the entry level set for the brand new LEGO Jurassic World line and my excitement level is super high right now because, as everyone knows, the only thing better than LEGO and dinosaurs are LEGO DINOSAURS! Let’s sink our teeth into our first look at this new range!

IMG_2947 IMG_2948Oh my, this box is tasty. The scaly design in a fetching blue with red accents just makes is a lovely design choice that tickles my fancy in just the right way. I also love the doofy LEGO T-Rex in the corner. Even the reverse depicts the action features of the set with no muss or fuss, as well as detailing what other dinos are available!

IMG_2951Included are two baggies with 174 pieces all together, instructions and stickers. There’s also a little box that contains the two halves of the Pteranodon head, which presumably would protect the printing.

IMG_2953 IMG_2956The set includes two minifigures and one dinosaur. On the minifigure front, we have Simon Masrani and an ACU security guard. The ACU is quite generic, with a single panicked expression but the detail on his uniform is really nice and you even get a flak jacket with ACU printed on it and he is armed with a tranq gun. Simon Masrani looks like a dirtbag and that sells his character way before I even read up on the character and found out he’s the unscrupulous owner of Jurassic World who cares more about profit than safety. See? Dirtbag. To sell his character so well with no prior knowledge of the movie shows that the designers really do a great job anthropomorphising these minifigs.

IMG_2958 IMG_2959 IMG_2961 IMG_2964The Pteranodon is made up of five parts and is the same mould as used in the Dino theme from 2012. It looks amazing and it’s proportions make it quite the intimidating creature when scaled with a minifigure. The head portions and wings are made of a sturdy yet malleable rubber for safety reasons while the main body is made with regular plastic. It looks majestic and even a little menacing.

IMG_2967 IMG_2970 IMG_2971 IMG_2974 IMG_2976 IMG_2979 IMG_2980 IMG_2983The first 34 steps consist of the core skeleton of the helicopter. It uses many elements that I didn’t think would be used in the finished vehicle. The tail section especially does things that I wouldn’t expect, forming a much more cohesive profile than the pieces would suggest. I wouldn’t expect a standard wheel axle or an upside down sharp piece to make this look good but it does! There’s a single green piece that doesn’t really make sense to me but I’m sure there’s a reason for its inclusion.

IMG_2986 IMG_2989 IMG_2991 IMG_2992 IMG_2996 IMG_3000 IMG_3001 IMG_3004 IMG_3006 IMG_3010In the rest of the build, there’s some more interesting pieces as the action features are introduced. The fold-out gunner platform is a simple hinged door but the folding gun emplacement, using the new stud shooters for extra firepower (and they include extra studs!). The net launcher is interesting purely because the bulk of it is made from a jet turbine. I’d have never thought to use the piece in this manner but it looks pretty slick! I’m also impressed with the rotor blades, looking the sleekest and uniform of any rotor blades I’ve seen on a LEGO helicopter.

IMG_3015 IMG_3016 IMG_3019 IMG_3021Jurassic One is ready to go! The finished vehicle is a bulky little workhouse but it’s such a cohesive little chunk that I can’t help but adore it. I’ve neglected to mention it until now but that blue is so vibrant and I love it! The rotor blades and action features add a ton of playability to this set and I can imagine all the fun a new generation of Jurassic Park fans will have with this new range.

IMG_302375915 Pteranodon Capture retails for £19.99 and I can endorse picking this set up because of the price point but some people may want to save up for one of the larger sets that includes the main heroes of the film. Keep an eye on the tree-line because we’re not quite done with Jurassic World yet so I’ll catch you guys next time for another Mint in Box!

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