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Published on April 20th, 2016 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Versus Zoom”

Not so much ‘versus’ as ‘lets give the bad guy everything he wants with no contingency plan’  

Versus Zoom starts out with a little bit of back story for the man who would be Zoom and while I don’t believe it’s accurate to the comics (I don’t know everything, guys!) it’s certainly an interesting parallel to Barry’s own. Almost the exact reverse of Barry’s origin.

tumblr_o5x71hDLIY1uqw734o1_500 tumblr_o5x71hDLIY1uqw734o2_500Meanwhile, Team Flash is testing the new Tachyon Emitter to great success. The downside? The completely sandbag the Supergirl crossover. That’s right, that was the point Barry travelled to Kara’s Earth and when he returns, even given the perfect opportunity to prove Wells wrong about opening new breaches, Barry says NOTHING. Fuck you, The Flash writers! (Supergirl just had it’s season finale by the way and it was hella good)

tumblr_o5xkpybDH91vn6ptfo2_500In an effort to open a new breach, they look to Cisco and his doppelganger. It’s good that we’re finally seeing Cisco get some training and take more steps toward having a hero persona.

tumblr_o5xbbi3Y0H1rtjsero2_540 tumblr_o5xbbi3Y0H1rtjsero1_540The team put together a pretty clever plan to deal with Zoom, preying on Hunter Zolomon’s past while keeping all of Barry’s loved ones safe in the time vault. It goes pretty well too until Barry stops to gloat rather than knocking Hunter out, who breaks out and kidnaps Wally. Barry offering to give up his speed is quintessentially him but not having a trick or back up plan is very, very stupid because…

tumblr_inline_o5y6g7rziO1sn2nxc_500Well, that will happen. After gaining every bit of Barry’s speed and almost choking him to death, Zoom bolts with Caitlin leaving Team Flash, and especially Barry, literally powerless to stop him. The fact that Wells didn’t have a plan shocks me because apart from threatening to wipe the smirk off Zoom’s face, he’s utterly compliant.

tumblr_o5x4t395Dz1tfn9xlo1_500For an awesome episode, a lot of dumb happened and while Barry will no doubt get his speed back in the next episode or two, the after effects will be felt next week as we go Back to Normal.

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