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Published on March 24th, 2016 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Trajectory”

It’s a shame Allison Paige won’t be sticking around… You could say it’s trajec!  

Ow! Okay! Less puns! Geez… I’m wasted on you people… Trajectory sees the introduction of our first female speedster and the shocking revelation that we’ve known about for ages.


tumblr_o4h3ig8QnS1tf0v2wo1_500 tumblr_o4h3ig8QnS1tf0v2wo3_500The Harry and Cisco Show is postponed this week for a back door pilot of for a sitcom where Harry goes full-dad and I’d watch the shit out of it. It’s a shame Harry and Jesse won’t be spending more screen time together as she swans off to Opal City (home to Cat Grant’s son on Supergirl. Sly nod, perhaps?). Still, I hope she’s not gone too long, Violett Beane is pretty cute and god knows Daddy Wells is entertaining as hell.

tumblr_o4gskhRIKU1rp74xfo1_500 tumblr_o4gskhRIKU1rp74xfo2_500Trajectory is a pretty obscure pull for a speedster but I’m not complaining as she presented a fun alternate take on Barry. Eliza’s impish sadism makes Barry look positively stoic by comparison and the fact that she’s a split personality as a result of botched Velocity 9? Fantastic character concept! Shame her abilities and threat level meant she needed to dead by the end of the episode but her lightning turning blue and Eliza evaporating into nothing gives an interesting insight into Zoom. True, it’s one I already put out there ages ago but it’s nice to see the show running with it.

OW! I didn’t even mean that pun!

tumblr_o4ih0dwHXW1saqgydo4_500 tumblr_o4ih0dwHXW1saqgydo2_500 tumblr_o4i2zwAoDH1ujovqwo3_r1_500So here’s the big reveal! Jay is Zoom! Yaaaaaawn! While it’s good to see Team Flash using their heads and figuring out the problem, they’re playing catch-up with the audience and that just makes them look slow. Still, Carlos Valdez and Grant Gustin put on a fantastic performance. They’ve done this song and dance before but the seeming betrayal still hurts them.

Trajectory is a fine episode but next week sees us take a trip through time and space as The Flash will Flash Back and, as a special treat for you, we’ll see what happens when the Fastest Man Alive meets the Girl of Steel in World’s Finest on Supergirl! See you then!

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