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Published on January 29th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “The Sound and the Fury”

It’s time to pay the Piper! 

This week is probably my favourite episode of the season! The Sound and the Fury makes the first time we’ve really focused on Harrison Wells and it makes even more sense to do so after his (supposed) revelation as the Reverse-Flash. But before we get to him, let’s talk about Hartley Rathaway.

tumblr_niog0h7bum1sqaxpko8_540The proverbial prodigal son is introduced attacking Wells in his own (extremely pimp) home, and later attacking his father’s company in a bid to draw out The Flash. Rathaway is revealed, mostly through flashback, to be Wells’ former protégé who holds a ton of resentment against Wells for losing his job, his hearing and a man he truly admired and I stress that last one strongly.

Rathaway’s motivations, while presented as an embittered ex-employee whose warnings were ignored, they also come across more akin to a spurned lover. Caitlin points out he came out to his parents, explaining the “we have no son” line from his father last week, and the relationship between he and Wells comes across as very homoerotic; at least from Rathaway’s perspective.

tumblr_nivfk3P2Mx1rsagqio1_500 tumblr_nivfk3P2Mx1rsagqio2_500 tumblr_nivfk3P2Mx1rsagqio3_500Cisco also has a fair bit of animosity towards Rathaway, the latter belittling Cisco during his first day on the job. Given that both characters, comics-wise, use sound manipulation as powers, could we see them share tech in the future? After Rathaway’s revelation about Ronnie, it could very well be the case!

Flash Fact: This episode also marks the first The Flash appearance of the Royal Flush Gang! These card-themed robbers first appeared in the Season 1 Arrow episode: Legacies.

tumblr_niwmc2mjxx1qerdf7o3_500Piper’s beaten, Iris has a new job as journalist and Joe makes some cracking jokes, typical Flash fare BUT LET’S TAKE ABOUT THIS SHADY MOTHERFUCKER RIGHT HERE.

tumblr_niwax1RLFm1sdv4q6o1_500 tumblr_niwax1RLFm1sdv4q6o2_500Harrison Wells is prime suspect for the Reverse-Flash and the evidence keeps mounting as he uses his super-speed during the attack on his home and later on when Piper escapes the pipeline, only for his speed to give out on him. In the stinger, we find that he’s using the tachyon device to artificially boost his Speed Force (first use of the name!) and that it was only meant to be temporary measure and that the “endgame” is nearing. What does this mean for Barry? Is Wells building up speed for his eventual heel-turn? Only time will tell but I’m still not 100% convinced he’s the one who murdered Barry’s mother or that he’s the REAL Reverse-Flash.

tumblr_nivv86YyQs1rl53x2o1_500Another fantastic outing for the Scarlet Speedster, even though the episode mainly focused on the supposed antagonist. Be back next week when love will be in the air with Crazy for You.

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