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Published on January 27th, 2016 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “The Reverse-Flash Returns”

More like Revenge of the Nerd! 

The Reverse-Flash Returns delivers exactly what it says on the tin but, unsurprisingly, manages to throw in some other cool bits too.

tumblr_o1lk6djBI91ujovqwo1_540 tumblr_o1lk6djBI91ujovqwo2_540 tumblr_o1lk6djBI91ujovqwo3_540The Harry and Cisco Show! Every week, the good-natured antagonism between these two is an absolute treat to watch but, even more so than that, is the genuine friendship that’s building between them. When these two get in sync, you know shit’s gonna get done! Kinda questioning whether or not Harry knew that using the Vibe goggles would hurt Cisco but he seemed genuinely concerned when Cisco began to have a time-spasm.

tumblr_o1m7jcIFxj1tjxpvdo1_500 tumblr_o1m7jcIFxj1tjxpvdo2_500Bye, Patty! You were the coolest love interest yet! Seriously, she’s the only person on the cast that figured it out on her own rather than Barry revealing it. She’s a fantastic partner for Barry to have but it’s just a shame that she’s going…


tumblr_o1lew0iJN91ue5fuio2_400The meat of the episode obviously revolves around Thawne and I have to say that it’s very refreshing to see what Thawne is like sans the Wells façade. He’s kinda charming in a weird way, he seems hyped all the time to be fighting his arch-nemesis but I think that was the point. This is still the fan-boy Thawne and I’m definitely getting shades of Syndrome from him.

Flash Fact: Cisco’s “Bye, Felicia.” might have confused many viewers (it certainly did me) but apparently this is a quote from the 1995 movie, Friday. Who’dathunk?

tumblr_o1mdwxzUvI1uskxowo1_500 tumblr_o1mdwxzUvI1uskxowo2_500The move to let Thawne go is a clever one since he obviously A) can’t be taken out that easily and 2) needs to be out and about to cause a ruckus later on and maybe fight Zoom? Speaking of…

tumblr_o1lnfpq6oP1scuc5lo2_500 tumblr_o1lnfpq6oP1scuc5lo1_500HO-LEE SHIT SNACKS. Welp, they just made Jay’s story ten times more interesting and it all starts and ends with Hunter Zolomon. Zolomon. Zoom. It’s an undoubtedly brilliant move on the writer’s part, both because of how it make Jay far more interesting to watch now and that any time this guy shows up, you know it’s gonna be bad news bears.

Another fantastic week on The Flash and the hits just keep on coming because next week we’re heading into the Fast Lane.


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