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Flash Facts – “The Nuclear Man”

It’s pronounced NEW-CLEE-UR!  

I know I’ve been getting lax with these reviews lately but I promise I’ll get back to a better timeslot in the future but for now, we take a good look at The Nuclear Man.

tumblr_njl8nfrImP1rnikqmo2_500 tumblr_njl8nfrImP1rnikqmo3_500 tumblr_njl8nfrImP1rnikqmo4_500Barry and Linda’s blossoming relationship hits a couple bumps in the road, between Ramon’s teasing about him being The Fastest Man Alive in the bedroom, in a less than subtle way, and Iris’s meddling but they reconcile in a sweet way and I’ve got to admit, they’re pretty cute together.

Flash Fact: The jazz musician Barry mentioned in his date plans is Mal Duncan, one of DC’s first black superheroes and known for playing a horn that opened dimensional portals.

The main B-Plot (not the romance stuff) revolves around Joe and Cisco heading to Barry’s old house to see if they can find something they overlooked 15 years ago. They talk with the amorous new owner (played by a still SMOKING HOT Chase Masterson) and get down to business. Not like that, you mongrels! They uncover a mirror and get photographs from it (not sure on the science there, lads) but get a holographic recreation of the night and find blood splatter from one of the speedsters. Joe asks Ramon to check it against Wells, which doesn’t go down well but eventually he relents and finds that Wells is not involved but an adult Barry is!

tumblr_njnywilFt31qirsuqo1_540 tumblr_njnywilFt31qirsuqo2_540In the main plot, the hunt for Firestorm is on and after they manage to talk some sense into him, they can finally run tests and try to separate Martin Stein’s mind from Ronnie’s body. Kudos to Robbie Amell for being able to mimic Victor Garber’s portrayal of Stein, what little we see of it and Amell’s performance is quite unnerving, especially after seeing him as Ronnie Raymond. Unfortunately, the Firestorm Matrix is unstable and is ready to blow but Stein and Robbie leave for the “badlands” outside Central City to make sure they don’t hurt anyone.

tumblr_njm5pd3g0P1t5gz0ao8_r1_1280This is a good point to talk about Wells. In the midst of Joe’s accusations, Wells suggests removing the threat of a nuclear explosion by killing Ronnie and Stein, throwing suspicion into Cisco’s mind. In his secret room, Wells seems more than willing to go through with it but thinks better of himself and takes part of the tachyon device to convert into a quantum splicer that will hopefully save both Ronnie and Stein. This again throws a spanner into the idea that he’s the ultimate villain because it’s explicitly stated by his AI Gideon (voiced again by Morena Baccarin) that helping Firestorm would be detrimental to his plans but he puts the city ahead of that.

The device seemingly doesn’t work and as Barry and Caitlin are outrunning the blast, the stinger cuts in to show General Wade Eiling ordering the retrieval of Firestorm. How long has he known about them? What does this mean for Team Flash?

After this fantastic episode, we’ll have to see if those questions are answered in Fallout.

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