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Published on October 7th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “The Man Who Saved Central City” Season 2 Premiere

I can already tell this season’s gonna be gooooood!  

The Flash returns for a second season with a rolling start, immediately jumping six months into the aftermath of the singularity, with a brand new status quo that thankfully gets fixed by the end of the episode. Maybe Barry has been listening to Ollie too much but distancing yourself from your team NEVER works. Ever. They always have to come in to save your arse and thankfully, Team Flash does this in 42mins as opposed to the 3 episodes it would usually take Arrow.

tumblr_nvu1cfOnMr1un76dyo1_500 tumblr_nvu1cfOnMr1un76dyo2_500So what’s new in Flash world? Well, Henry’s free! And now he’s leaving! Wait, why? It’s such a stupid, obviously for production move. Wells, further proving to be the best kind of redeemable villain (aka Not-Grant Ward) and videos himself confessing to the murder of Nora Allen, thus allowing Henry to go free. Which is awesome! They throw him a party and everything but then he takes Barry aside at his welcome home party and says he is leaving. It’s so fucking stupid and it’s a shame because I’d have liked to have John Wesley Shipp on Team Flash full-time.

tumblr_nvtwue2aYL1sdv4q6o2_500Speaking of Team Flash, they’re this season joined by Iris and Professor Stein. Iris is actually tolerable this episode, mourning Eddie’s loss and doing a solid job of not annoying me. Good work. Cisco and Caitlin return and are equally on-form and with the absence of his other half, Martin Stein becomes part of the team and even earning his place by naming this week’s bad guy…

tumblr_nvtq9gwdHo1tbsjlbo1_400Atom Smasher! Because he’s atomic powered and he smashes things. Good one, Stein. Traditionally Al Rothstein is a good guy, often associated with the Teen Titans and the Justice Society. I love the mask but the costume itself is a little bland. Adam Copeland (aka the wrestler Edge from WWF) does a pretty solid job portraying the gruff bruiser and, interestingly, reveals that he’s not from this world. He only wanted to kill The Flash because it was the only way he could get home. When asked he promised him that, Al simply replies…

tumblr_nvut17zVoz1uhd7blo5_540CHILLS. With the apparent casting of Tony Todd as the voice of Zoom and seemingly able to transport people through the multiverse, this season’s antagonist is shaping up to be a real threat. Smarter, faster, deadlier. But Zoom isn’t the only speedster in town as a mysterious stranger bypasses all of STAR Labs’ new security system and introduces himself…

tumblr_nvttl8y2ZM1uvcgjlo1_500 tumblr_nvttl8y2ZM1uvcgjlo2_500Yoooooo, it’s Jay Garrick! Now we’re in business! Sure he’s a little young but the prospect of having a Flash team-up is too awesome!

This season premiere was pretty damn fun but I’m really looking forward to next week’s adventure, Flash of Two Worlds.

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