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Published on November 6th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “The Darkness and the Light”

Soooo… Are we just not going to talk about that giant Shark or…?  

The Darkness and the Light is a wonderful episode, filled with intrigue, laughs and some pretty interesting plot points.

tumblr_nxb915wqxq1tmc4f0o8_500Let’s get the mushy stuff out of the way and I’ll say I’m all aboard the Barry/Patty ship. Long may she sail because these two a super adorable together, even more so than Barry/Felicity. Not quite Barry/Caitlin though.

tumblr_inline_nxaohu2B0m1ss1lam_500YOOOO! Fucking Hawkgirl is gonna hook up with Vibe! But seriously, I didn’t really expect Kendra to become a recurring character on The Flash. I thought her cameo in last season’s finale was just a tease for Legends of Tomorrow. I’ll be interested to see how her story leads from here to there.

tumblr_inline_nxapfzgGQK1ss1lam_540Doctor Light is your villain du jour this week and she’s certainly an odd one. Not only is she sort of an amalgamation of the male and female Doctor Lights (which is wrong and creepy on several levels for several reasons) but she’s also Linda Park. What? That’s a really odd choice. I guess they just chose her because then they can have Linda-Prime don the costume next week?  Kind of a ropey reason not to have Kimiyo Hoshi. She could have helped willingly given what Jay said about her. Cool costume though!

tumblr_inline_nxaojl3yBE1ss1lam_500Cisco is outed as a metahuman (thanks, Wells) and we have a cute scene as he gets his name. Now he just needs a jacket to go with the spiffy glasses from last season and he’s set.

tumblr_nxasx3ZqSA1slin46o1_500Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Harry Wells is a delightful asshole and easily the best part of the episode. Seeing Tom Cavanagh play the same character (almost) but in a completely different way is really fun and we get a real sense of Harry’s struggle. He’s almost the Wells we know but a little gruffer, a little bit more sarcastic and he’s a dad! Once it’s revealed that Zoom has his daughter, it’s pretty obvious why Wells is really here, as another plan to kill Barry for Zoom.

This is a real fun episode with plenty of plot points to keeps us chugging along nicely and I can’t wait to see how some of these develop next week in Enter Zoom.

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