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Published on May 14th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Rogue Air”

They don’t even get on a plane! Such a rip-off!   

Rogue Air, obviously, is a send-up to the classic Nicolas Cage/John Malkovich feature Con Air about convicts overtaking a prison transport plane. Rogue Air does not do this. Boo-urns!

tumblr_noagxh3qMb1qgw158o1_500We finally find out what the device Harrison Wells constructed last episode does and it means bad news for the inmates of the pipe line. While Flash struggles to find a way to move the prisoners, Eddie struggles with the inevitable; that Barry marries Iris. Finally the characters know the canon pairing like the audience and despite Iris’s best efforts, we’re on track to seeing the romantic subplot settled. Hopefully. It’s a good thing Iris knocks dudes out real good with wrenches otherwise she’d be useless.

tumblr_no9p6mil2X1qh0nwmo1_500 tumblr_no9p6mil2X1qh0nwmo2_500 tumblr_no9p6mil2X1qh0nwmo3_500Wentworth Miller returns and somehow manages to upstage a team-up episode! The man has too much charisma! His first scene in the show is accented by “Cold as Ice” playing on the jukebox! The man is TOO cool! Lisa Snart also puts in an appearance and even flirts her way into getting her alias from Cisco; Golden Glider. Naturally, the interactions between Team Flash and Team Rogues is hilariously entertaining and, of course, this is all a double-cross and Cold lets the inamtes free but not before letting them know exactly who sprung them. Fitting for the character and I will always gush over Captain Cold showing up.

Flash Fact: The missing pilot that caused Ferris Air to close is no doubt Hal Jordan, who disappeared during a test flight and became Earth’s first Green Lantern!

tumblr_noafemBgaP1rmuqh2o1_500 tumblr_noafemBgaP1rmuqh2o2_500After the inmate debacle, there’s surprisingly MORE episode! Wells returns to STAR Labs after his device fully charges the pipeline and Barry goes to meet him at the door but he’s not alone. Firestorm and Arrow have got Barry’s back and it’s… honestly not a well choreographed fight. If anything, it seems like a slapdash brawl in a parking lo– Oh. Huh.

Regardless, everyone gets a shot at the big bad before Ollie tags Wells with a massive arrow full Ray Palmer’s nanites and Wells takes an unintentionally hilarious tumble off a car, one leg left hanging in the air. Ollie asks for a favour and takes his leave, Firestorm saying NOTHING and hurriedly following his cousin off-screen. Weird… Barry stands triumphantly over the Reverse-Flash as the episode comes to a close.

All in all, an average episode, which is strange considering it features two team-ups but maybe that’s because I’m still coming down from the SHIELD season finale. Come back next week though because we’ll be racing across the finish line with Fast Enough.

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