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Flash Facts – “Magenta”

It’s not Magenta; it’s light-ish red!  

Magenta is a showcase for a lesser known Rogue (one of Wally’s Rogues at that) but also gives the villain-of-the-week a rather unique quirk that, unfortunately, goes absolutely nowhere.

tumblr_ofapa4ywep1rp74xfo1_500 tumblr_ofapa4ywep1rp74xfo3_500 tumblr_ofapa4ywep1rp74xfo2_500Also Wells and Jesse are back! And Jesse’s quick now! Geddit? Oh boy, you know what that means! Talking. Lots and lots of ineffectual and un-fun talking. Sure there’s jokes but Wells is dad-ing too hard and we know she’s going to suit up so why delay it?

tumblr_of9vt9gvgg1tnvsx0o1_500 tumblr_of9vt9gvgg1tnvsx0o2_500Speaking of dad-ing, Joe has one of my favourite lines of the episode. And for fuck’s sake, Wally… I know you’re going to end up getting powers from Alchemy, I can see it on your goddamn face.

tumblr_of9zb2klbr1vhdfg3o4_r2_500 tumblr_of9zb2klbr1vhdfg3o3_r3_500On the plus side, Tom Felton is killing it as Julian. He’s such a delightful prick in every scene. I just wish he had more screen time.

tumblr_of9cdhe3ts1sdx5jjo4_500But let’s get to the meat of the episode with our villain; Magenta. Frankie Kane is an interesting character and Joey King’s performance isreally engaging but she isn’t given nearly enough time to flesh out and fully develop the character.

Flash Fact: This is Joey King’s second role in a live-action DC production; having previously played a younger Talia al Ghul in The Dark Knight Rises.

If there’s one thing I have to say negatively about Frankie, it’s that she is basically my ex-girlfriend in all but name and accent. It’s uncanny and a little uncomfortable to say the least but, regardless, Joey gives a fantastic performance for a sadly limited character.

tumblr_of9y5kxxfs1vbhfv5o1_540We get a sneak at Jesse’s costume and that’s pretty much it. A promising episode that sadly gets bogged down in pointless scenes.

tumblr_of9ua726i01sdv4q6o2_500Hopefully next week will be a little more hype as we see the return of everyone’s favourite Rogue in The New Rogues.

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