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Published on February 24th, 2016 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “King Shark”

I don’t know which is more painful; that reveal or my left hand currently.  

Nope, definitely my hand but I’m dosed up on double the amount of co-codemol I’m supposed to take so let’s make this fast. And sexy.

tumblr_inline_o3120aFccE1tb9d83_500Obligatory Jaws references abound, King shark makes his return to Central City and is it just me or has he gained some weight? And, like, 4 feet? Regardless, he’s an impressive CGI monster for a TV show. Sharky, sans George, isn’t quite the walking funny machine I know from Secret Six but oh well, his appearance is followed by…

tumblr_o320bcXR6C1ux2jboo1_500 tumblr_o31forvuFO1qh0nwmo3_500John “Entirely done with this metahuman BS” Diggle and the newly minted Argus Director Lyla return to The Flash hot on the heels of the candy gram pizzaman land shark and bring their usual running gags and sage-like advice.

tumblr_o32304BfNK1qa7ubto2_r1_500 tumblr_o32304BfNK1qa7ubto4_r1_500 tumblr_o32304BfNK1qa7ubto5_r1_500Everyone get off Caitlin’s case! Especially you, Cisco! Wind your neck in and look after your grieving friend… I’m so glad Cait takes a leaf out of Harry’s book and menaces Cisco in the corner with a fake heel-turn.

tumblr_o32dx4K95o1sz5kv9o5_540 tumblr_o32dx4K95o1sz5kv9o1_540Speaking of Harry, it’s cool to see he and his daughter spending a little quality time together. It’s heart-warming, truly.

tumblr_o310cgWMVi1sxz7sgo1_500tumblr_o310cgWMVi1sxz7sgo2_500Less heart-warming is the brotherly antagonism between Barry and Wally but much like everything he’s done so far since embracing the West family, it’s totally understandable. Barry is in his spot. The golden boy who can do no wrong. The favourite. So yeah, when offering a branch (with science/engineering no less) and Barry’s throwing it back in his face because of his own issues with Earth-2, Wally’s going to be rightfully pissed but he gets talked around and maybe this is the first step in seeing the pair work together.

And finally…

tumblr_o327kaplPg1qgw158o3_500 tumblr_o327kaplPg1qgw158o5_500 tumblr_o327kaplPg1qgw158o7_500We knew that four weeks ago, show, what else you got? … Nothing? Oh. Well that’s weak sauce. Sure we need to hear the name Hunter Zolomon but it’s all but confirmed here. The reveal kinda ruins that awesome Tony Todd mystique Zoom was building but hopefully we won’t see too much of Hunter’s face.

A solid episode but I think this week’s awesome award may go to either the first live action appearance of Vixen on Arrow or Connor Hawke and Old Man Ollie on Legends of Tomorrow. Sure there’s a musical episode of Agent Carter but ehhhh. Hopefully I’ll be nice and healed next week as Barry is put on a crash course with his wiliest foe yet; a girl with superspeed! Join us next time for Trajectory!

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