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Published on November 20th, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Gorilla Warfare”

Who’s ready for more monkey business?  

Gorilla Warfare follows the lead of all the other Flash episodes of this season and continues to be solidly entertaining.

tumblr_ny347a20RA1re12l8o2_500 tumblr_ny347a20RA1re12l8o1_500Grodd’s return is very welcome and he even comes back with a redesign, looking a little more realistic than last time. Not sure I like that but it’s kinda reminiscent of  a change in artist for the comics which I smiled at, even if it was unintentional.

tumblr_nxzps2GQMg1ue5fuio6_400Of course, Harry gets a huge chunk of characterisation. Both because he’s determined to fight Zoom solo and is brought back into the fold by Caitlin (shipping forecast for this week calls for copious amounts of Snowells). He earns his place on the team by, surprisingly, acting like his Earth-1 counterpart. Donning the Reverse-Flash costume and mimicking Thawne-Wells’ voice should be chilling but it’s kind of fun to watch.

tumblr_ny14gqh7OE1rxovx9o3_500 tumblr_ny14gqh7OE1rxovx9o2_500Oh, Kendra… You’re going to break that fool boy’s heart. The HawkVibe date ends before it can really begin as Cisco vibes a winged figure when he holds Kendra’s hand. When they kiss later in the episode, he finally twigs that it’s Kendra (or he realises the person is female, at least). We’re probably going to see this crash and burn soon when Hawkman is introduced but for now, it’s cute but Ciara Renée hasn’t really had enough screen time to make me like her yet.

tumblr_nxzrpgKNzJ1uwyauro1_500Henry Fucking Allen. He’s been off in the god damn woods! I really hate what they’ve done with John Wesley Shipp’s character. He’s just so… Useless. He might as well still be in jail for all the time he’s actually here… Plus he made Joe sad! Fuck this guy! Joe is best dad.

tumblr_nxzy45KRF51s4fl64o3_500Barry recovers almost in a flash (geddit?) but the psychological trauma of getting his shit pushed in letting the city down is limiting him. Luckily his dad takes time out of his fishing trip to give some words of encouragement and dump Grodd through a portal. Everyone goes home in time for tea.

tumblr_nxzr03GUJ21uiwhhxo1_540tumblr_nxzr03GUJ21uiwhhxo6_r1_540GORILLA CITY! Yooooo! That’s awesome! I’m liking Earth-2 more and more, it’s got all the goofy DC places they can’t get away with usually. We’ll definitely be seeing Grodd again, hopefully sooner than next season.

Gorilla Warfare is a pretty fun episode like usual but as I said in this week’s SHIELD Exposed, it just falls short of being better than S.H.I.E.L.D. for the first time since the show’s came back. The streak is broken! Will a new reign begin? Found out next week when take a look at Legends of Today.

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