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Published on May 22nd, 2015 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Fast Enough” SEASON FINALE

Man, this season went fast…  

The Flash crosses the finish line with one of the best episodes of the season, tying up plot threads, giving emotional resolution and even giving us plenty of set-up for the future. Yup, I’d say this episode was certainly Fast Enough.

tumblr_nomricMM1I1rsagqio1_500 tumblr_nomricMM1I1rsagqio2_500 tumblr_nomricMM1I1rsagqio3_500I bet you guys are gonna be glad to take a break from my terrible puns, eh? The primary focus of this episode is the choice Barry faces. Go back in time and save his mother or do nothing and secure the continued existence of the family he has always known. With meta-sight, we already know what happens if Barry’s mother lives and it’s a bad time for everyone.

tumblr_non063GSTq1usdzzho2_500tumblr_non063GSTq1usdzzho1_500Luckily, when Barry actually goes back, his future self dissuades Barry from acting, probably knowing that Flashpoint sucks. What follows is an important scene between Barry and Nora and it’s pretty emotional. Barry seeks comfort from his dying mother but, in the end, comforts her in her last moments, revealing his identity and that he and Henry are both safe. It’s a fantastic and emotionally charged scene but it’s only trumped by one other performance…

tumblr_nomzotIyn01usdzzho1_500 tumblr_nomzotIyn01usdzzho3_500GOD DAMN IT JOE IS BEST DAD AND I WANT HIM TO BE MY DAD *bawls* Seriously, Jesse L. Martin has been a consistent joy to watch.

tumblr_non0q4cbRL1t4iy3vo3_500Flash Fact: This episode is chockfull of easter eggs, foreshadowing and cameos (lots of Legends of Tomorrow stuff in here) but my favourite is when Wells is about to return home and a familiar tin hat comes crashing through the portal. I love that Wells wryly states that it’s his cue to leave because no one wants a lecture from JAY GARRICK! Squee! This along with the glimpse of the Flash Museum and the producers promising more speedsters in Season 2, there’s hope that we’ll see a Golden Age team-up soon.

In the end, Barry keeps history as it is and screws Wells over for good measure and, naturally, Wells goes into a rage but is stopped by Eddie, who sacrifices himself to erase Eobard Thawne from history. You’re a cool guy, Eddie. RIP. Until you come back. But we’re not out of danger yet as the portal reopens and runs wild, threatening the entire city. Barry races off to save the day and that is where we end. That’s some cliffhanger, show!

tumblr_inline_non7hbPtG71sd2lsk_500Fast Enough is a great way to end the Season while leaving us with plenty of promise in the future so how did the season as a whole hold up? Overall, The Flash is a very fun comic book show that’s unafraid of it’s source material and embraces it gladly but spinning off from Arrow gave it some of the angst and romantic BS that I’ve grown VERY weary of during Arrow’s run but it’s not enough to take away from the charm, the characters and the excitement I felt watching this show week-to-week. Let me know what you thought of the finale and the show as a whole and I’ll see you all next season!


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