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Published on May 10th, 2017 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Cause and Effect”

Oh my god, this episode sucked!  

You know what we need three episodes before the finale? FILLER. I mean what the actual hell was the point of this episode because aside from pointing out that Barry is a dour fuck these days and kicking off the HR/Brand, what exactly was accomplished?

tumblr_opq3jtEuUP1rsagqio3_500The opening fight between Savitar-Barry and regular Barry was an impressive effect, sort of building on the Sara/Sara fight in Legends of Tomorrow, but I can understand why it was so short. The suit being independent or thought controlled was cool at least but again, it’s a stalling tactic, giving the audience just enough to keep them hooked.

tumblr_opp2lw8MOp1qe0l0wo2_500The exploration of Barry, or Bart, is somewhat interesting (if shown at the wrong point in the series) as we get a look at what The Flash would be like without baggage. A much more excitable speedster with joy in his heart. Y’know, like Wally. Who we’ve all but ignored this season because Barry is the focus and everyone else gets side-lined. Like Jesse. Fuck, this show would be so much better without it’s lead protagonist in it. Like Arrow.

tumblr_oppuo9FEAy1r6qaxco3_500Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be continuing to review this show once this season is done. It’s Cause and Effect in practice. Write a crap show and I will drop it because, honestly, I’ve got better things to watch and I’ve dropped both Doctor Who and Arrow for having god awful story arcs and I can’t honestly think of this showing pulling anything off in the next episode to keep me inves-

tumblr_opnkhzexSs1tnvsx0o6_500Fuck it, I’m back in! Come back next week for a hopefully fun-filled caper as caper as King Shark and Leonard Snart return in Infantino Street!

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