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Published on March 1st, 2017 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Attack on Central City”

A little light on the gorilla warfare, huh?

Seriously, everything I was worried about in the previous episode came to be in this one. Keith David has all of five lines over the course of two episodes. What a waste of talent! Not to mention the invasion of sapient gorillas itself being immensely lacklustre. The fight between Solovar and Grodd is well animated at least.

tumblr_om4ksxThOf1tnvsx0o1_500Barry also proposed but honestly, who cares? Every episode now is book ended by cutesy scenes of Barry and Iris that add nothing or worse; reiterate the same plot point over and over and over. Shit or get off the pot, show.

The interaction between Harry and HR wasn’t what I wanted either. It came off like straight-up bullying. Harry SPAT in HR’s cup, for fuck’s sake! That’s gross on so many levels. Not to mention the shitty ploy Harry had to keep Jesse on Earth-2. I love Tom’s acting but the writing seemed off for Harry this episode. Hell, he seemed more gravel-y as well.

tumblr_om4mnuMcFd1s5xacmo3_500 tumblr_om4mnuMcFd1s5xacmo1_500The biggest takeaway for me was Cisco’s jaunt to Earth-19 which revealed a low-key cameo by the Accelerated Man, the Flash of the same Earth as Gotham by Gaslight, an Elseworld with a Victorian/steampunk aesthetic. He’s portrayed by Sean Pogue and while nothing much is said, the look at the photos of another breacher seems like foreshadowing to me.

tumblr_om4q0sP54b1qgapqso5_540 tumblr_om4ascYzGa1uezmbko5_540Jessica Camacho continues to be foxy as all hell as Gypsy and she has a wonderfully playful dynamic with Cisco that I’m worried won’t last. They even mention Lisa Snart in this episode and when was the last time she even showed up?

tumblr_om52ahHA1a1tnvsx0o2_500The episode ends with Savitar appearing out of thin air to menace Wally. Why? How? I guess we’ll find out next episode but to round up Attack on Central City; it was a bit of a let down and the whole two-parter mostly felt like an exercise in wasted potential. Hopefully the plot will kick into top gear next week as we bear witness to The Wrath of Savitar.

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