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S.T.R.A.T.U.S. Episode 53: Pee Mouse Soup

November 17th, 2015 | by Ryan

Tune in this week to hear Sir Michael getting really angry at me for not watching the survival shows he does. Apparently Bear Grylls is amazing or something. Also [&hellip

S.T.R.A.T.U.S. Episode 52: Space Racists

November 3rd, 2015 | by Ryan

Join us this week for one of our most scientific episodes yet. Such topics include satellites in 2 million year orbits, Stephen Hawking being racist against aliens, laws against A.I. weapons, robot [&hellip

S.T.R.A.T.U.S. Episode 50: Fantastic Bore

August 28th, 2015 | by Ryan

Fun fact about this episode. This episode was actually last in the batch we recorded. While I usually upload these in the order they were recorded, this episode had [&hellip

S.T.R.A.T.U.S. Episode 48: Site B

June 26th, 2015 | by Ryan

Join us this week for more discussions on Community, Star Tours, the creepy history of Epcot, Bioshock meets Disney World, the masterpiece that is Captain EO, Star Wars: The [&hellip

S.T.R.A.T.U.S. Episode 46: Funko Junko

May 25th, 2015 | by Ryan

Join us this week for discussions on paid Skyrim mods, Avengers: Age of Ultron, not so fond memories of Full House, people talking during movies, and the Funko phenomenon. [&hellip

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