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Published on April 23rd, 2013 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – Thor: The Dark World

When Marvel‘s first phase of films were announced, the one film we were all a little skeptical of was Thor. He had the wildest back story. He was a god. He was known the least by the general public. How would they react to such madness? Well, while he probably had the most mixed critical reception, he actually took in more at the box office than Captain America. So I would claim that’s a pretty sound success.

No doubt Marvel will want to improve on those reviews from the press and with movement towards the next Avengers movie beginning this year, they’ll want to capitalize on the good feeling the franchise has. On board are all the original cast and with the addition of Christopher Eccleston as our bad guy and Chris O’Dowd in an as yet unnamed roll (ooooooooooo) that’s a nice place to start.

This is the first trailer to be released for the film but with it being released in October we’re sure to see more soon. Let’s check it out.

– Howaya?

Eccleston plays Malekith, a leader of the Dark Elves. And while that’s cool and all, he’s not exactly a recognized character so teasing his look like this is a little pointless.


But he’s a reliable actor so whatever they make him to look like, I have no doubt he’ll make us scared of him.

– Guurrrrl, get yo hands offa him!

For years in the comics there has been a weird kind of love triangle with Thor, Sif, Jane, and Doctor Donald Blake. In the movie universe, Blake isn’t a factor but it’s nice that they’re introducing an element of it here.

Oh, how do I know that they’re doing that?

Side Eye

Look at that face! I’ve lived enough years on this earth to know that this is a look that doesn’t end well. Trust me. Every other guy with a jealous girlfriend will back me up on this.

– Michael Knight is a Dark Elf?

Is it just me, or does the glowing red light at the front of the alien ships look a lot like the car from Knight Rider?

Punch it, Michael

Just me?

– Oh Hi Thor

Of all the things in the trailer, this has caused the biggest stir online.

Oh Hi Thor

Why? Well, partially because the ladies of the internet are OBSESSED with Loki but mostly because he looks like Tommy Wiseau from The Room.

Yeah. Try taking the movie seriously now.


Overall: There is VERY little in this trailer. Maybe a lot of the effect shots might not be finished yet and that’s where most of the action will be, but the trailer is kind of boring. Hopefully the next one will up the ante but so far my reaction is… meh?

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