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Published on December 6th, 2012 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – Star Trek Into Darkness

Much was made of JJ AbramsStar Trek reboot. I quite liked it. It was a very different sort of Star Trek movie, more action than science, but it was an enjoyable romp despite some of it’s issues (future Spock, I’m looking at you). And for the record, I never noticed the lense-flares. Not once.

There has been much talk about this sequel already. With the recession delaying it’s production by a number of years we’ve had plenty of time to speculate. Immediately upon the casting of Benedict Cumberbatch the world wondered if he was to be the new Khan. Apparently it’s not to be.

Then there is the title. Normally it would be Star Trek: Into Darkness. Or Star Trek: Trouble In Jamaica even. That semi-colon is important. But Star Trek Into Darkness makes me cringe for reasons only my English teacher might explain.

The trailer is out now and so it’s time to finally get a hint of what’s in store for us on the USS Enterprise.

– I Think I’ve Played This Game

While we get some super serious music and magically dramatic voice-over from our villain, we’re presented with some rather over-the-top visuals. In a scene that looks like something out of Assassin’s Guild, we see the Cumberbatch jump like about like a jedi.

– Speaking Of Jedi

I love this bit, the way Obi Wan cuts him up and… what? Really? Wow, man, these franchises are hard to keep track of.

– We’re Trekking Where Now?

You know, for a movie that claims it’s going to Star Trek Into Darkness it spends a lot of time trekking around town on Earth.

Yeah, darling, that’s my reaction too.

– Who Are You?

I don’t know who you are. Why are you looking at me like that? You’re freaking me out. Do you realise how creepy you’re being right now? Stop it. Blink or something.

I guess she’s important to the movie but I have no idea. I could look it up, this is the internet after all, but… meh?


Ok, so here is the gist that I could gleam from the trailer:
Lots of action.
Lots of pretty scenes.
Lots of pretty people.
Cumberbatch is going to be the best thing about this movie by a country mile.
They’re going to crash the Enterprise. Again.
Something Something Revenge.

I’m not overly excited by it all but there is enough there to make me want to check it out. Still no Klingons though :(

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