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Published on August 30th, 2011 | by Jasmine


Perusing Podcasts – Jamestown

Fun Fact:

Mr. Hovis was at one point blasé toward podcast until  Mr. Blackmon encouraged him to give them a listen. Since then he has become an avid listener.

There are podcasts that exist that focus on having a special guest in every episode, however there are few that consistently have at least three guests per episode. Well, Jamestown is one of those podcasts. Jamestown is hosted by Jimmy Blackmon and Jamie Hovis.

Jamestown episodes consist of on the spot conversations and random games. The games are a lot of fun as they are usually based on trivia style game show but with a somewhat abstract twist. This includes games that take the description of musicals and then guessing it based on that. The abstract part comes in when keywords are then removed from the description making it increasingly difficult to figure out. Another important part of each episode is when Jimmy or Jamie leave the room. This is often times when one of the guests come into the episode. One guest is usually present in the room throughout the episode however the others almost always come in when one of the hosts is gone. This is because the hosts do voices and act as the secondary guests that are only there for short parts of the episode.

While both hosts have admitted to being inspired by some of the most popular podcasts, they have one of the more fun and creative podcasts I’ve heard. This I find to be impressive since according to the hosts there have been no lost or scrapped episodes. I am impressed that so much thought and planning goes into the show and it is very obvious that this show is important to the hosts. Even the title was thought out ahead of time though a more simple approach was taken than some of the longer ideas that the hosts discussed before the first episode.

Moving forward the guys are looking for a concrete segment ideas. While Mr. Hovis has suggested the potential of a truly unique segment, I think if they tweak an existing idea and make it their own that will also work. I just worry that with the number of podcasts out there, truly original ideas are harder and harder to come by. On top of this Mr. Blackmon expressed an interest in improving audio quality. Besides the fact that the show only has one microphone between the two and their guests, the sound is very good.

On top of the podcast, the hosts also run a Tumblr site in which they take images and insert Pee-Wee Herman. This is sporadically updated. They actually seem most active on their Facebook page although they also have a Twitter account. This show needs to be heard at least once. Doesn’t matter if podcasts aren’t your thing or even if this doesn’t sound like you would like it, I am telling you this one is well worth your time.

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