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Published on April 18th, 2012 | by Jasmine


Perusing Podcasts – Cocktails and Cream Puffs

Being Buffalo’s premiere GLBT podcast is well deserved but that only scratches the surface of the recognition Cocktails and Cream Puffs deserves. The podcast has been nominated twice in the Podcast Awards for the People’s Choice and GLBT categories. And yet even with these two sets of nominations this podcast still has not been recognised the way it should be. Part of the problem could be that they are painted into just being a GLBT podcast. In reality, it is an excellent pop culture and comedy podcast, above all else.

Cocktails and Cream Puffs is hosted by Joey Bucheker with co-hosts Matthew Crehan Higgins and Marc Sacco. Besides these three ‘the naughty nanny’ Wendy Cameron also guest co-hosts. The group has a very dynamic relationship which I think only adds to the quality of the show. It probably also helps that his is one of the few podcasts I listen to where the group records in the same room. The bulk of the episodes can be broken down into four major parts. These include celebrity news, world news, listener mail, and a look into the hosts’ lives.

The celebrity news as well as the world news are guaranteed to delight. The stories chosen are more often than not chosen because they have a ridiculous aspect to them and the commentary from the hosts are the best part. The world news will often times also have a specific Asian article, and when I first started hearing these I will admit I was not super thrilled. However, I quickly learned that this was not the worst thing and is not a big deal at all and a bit hypocritical since I enjoyed when they poked fun at other news articles.

Each host, as well as Ms. Cameron, bring something to the podcast. Mr. Bucheker is clearly the driving force behind the show. He is both executive producer and the main host. After over 100 episodes the best way I can describe Mr. Bucheker is a comparison to Roger Smith from American Dad. He is very much the centre of the show and seems to need the control. However, there are two things that make Mr. Bucheker very different from Roger Smith. If one of the other two co-hosts is upset he is there for them, like a mother eagle ready to tear the perpetrators eyes out. At the same time, during these times he gives the other person full attention. On the control point, this is actually in no way a bad thing. The show has run very smoothly from episode one and has maintained a very good schedule.

The second most outspoken of the co-hosts is Mr. Sacco. Mr. Sacco seems to be in constant competition with Mr. Bucheker as far as being heard on the podcast. Since they met during high school this may very well stem from that time. When it comes to the overly offensive comments that are sometimes used, nearly always for humour, Mr. Sacco always seems the most vocally concerned about whose feelings are hurt. Yet because of one episode, he has also been the one stuck with the stigma of being overly promiscuous. I feel, especially with the most recent episodes, this probably is not true. The episodes where he is missing also seem to be less full. This probably because of the lack of competitiveness but so no one misunderstands Mr. Bucheker and Mr. Sacco are clearly dear friends.

Mr. Higgins adds a calm to the mix that balances everyone out. His is not to say that he cannot stand for himself and take the spotlight at times. I wish at times he would talk more during the more heated discussions as he seems to maintain a coolness that might lead to unique views that might be being overlooked. While I’m not sure I can write as much about Mr. Higgins, I do think he is an integral part of the group and I am not sure what the show would be like without him.

The sound quality and art work used for the podcast is superb. There has been one segment in just one episode where the sound was off and unfortunately pretty near unbearable. I still think that is an amazing run to have one small part of one episode out of 116. The content is there, the hosts are amazing and there is a perfect balance of wackiness and seriousness. Absolutely do not pass up this podcast, if you do then I will weep and die a little on the inside. Once you give them a listen, go and follow them on Facebook and the Twitter.

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