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Published on April 22nd, 2011 | by Jasmine


Leave Luck to Heaven #14: Bomberman, Simple and Fun

The last time I played a Bomberman game it was on the original Nintendo.  Even though the games have been on every system, to my knowledge, never really played any of the newer ones.  I remember the games being the simple idea of blowing up obstructions and enemies, while avoiding the explosions and enemies.  The idea of 3D versions never really appealed much as it was a game that seemed perfect for the isometric view of the original.

There are three Bomberman games on the iPhone that are reminiscent of the originals and capture the simple game play really well.  Once again blowing things up is the overall objective.  However, a story has been added, putting Bomberman in an Indiana Jones style role and the options of what path you want to take.  The paths really aren’t all that important though because you have to go through all of them to get to the last boss.

The different routes have subtle graphical differences, but really being a bunch of walls to blow up the subtle changes can be easily overlooked.  Even so the story with the nostalgic gameplay is great.  On top of the nostalgic value, other aspects were added such as extra weapons.  The bombs that you get to detonate, yourself for example, are very useful.  The special weapons you get later are kind of hit or miss and by the time you are ready for the boss fight they become kind of useless.  I believe these games, or at least similar Bomberman adventures, are offered on the home consoles.

The home consoles are probably a better place for these games, in all reality.  The game itself is not an issue, but instead the controls.  I have played other games on the iPhone that have you using an on screen directional pad and, like this one; I have yet to find one that does it well.  I think the real problem is that there is nothing tactile to keep your finger from sliding the wrong way.  So if you are playing for any amount of time there is a good chance that your character is going to end up veering up rather than left, just as an example.  Most of the time in this game that won’t make or break you, but other times you might end up wedged between a wall and a bomb, which isn’t ideal.

If you want a Bomberman game on your phone this is a lot of fun and I am not trying to knock it.  But if you have a directional pad in your iPhone game you might want to just get a different game.  And in case anyone is wondering, trying to play it on the iPad doesn’t help in fact maybe even a bit harder with all the additional space.

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