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Published on July 20th, 2011 | by Aaron


Tease Me, Baby! – The Dark Knight Rises

Comic Con results in a lot of teasers for comic book movies making the rounds via bad camera-phone footage. Warner Brothers seems to have taken some initiative and officially released theirs before the Con starts. I’m sure there will be something exclusive to the Con that we’ll get our grubby mitts on soon but for now, this is the first footage ever released for Christopher Nolan’s final foray into Batman’s life.

The Batman movie franchise is bigger than anyone could have hoped for after Schumacher killed it. So big in fact it doesn’t really require much introduction from me. Let’s just have a look shall we?

There’s isn’t a hell of a lot of new footage here but that won’t stop us, will it?

– The Commish

We’re given no indication as to why Gordon is in the hospital but I can only assume it’s after a serious beat down at the hands of some nasties (or maybe big bad Bane?) who have over-run the city.

But one assumption we can make is that he’s talking to Bruce Wayne rather than Batman. Which means that Gordon must know Bruce is Batman? That’s an interesting development.

– Bane

I don’t think we ever suspected Nolan to put the man in the luchador mask. Or to have the big tubes. So what appears to be a gas mask is a genius way around it.

Looks cool and will make more sense in regards to his drugged up powers.

– Hit Him!

For all the wonders of the previous two films, there really wasn’t many situations when Batman had to fight for his life. Sure, he had to be clever to escape a deadly situation or be quick to prevent something awful happening. But rarely have we seen him have to kick the crap out of the other guy.

This could be quite an epic showdown. I’m fascinated to see how he holds up against a villain who is all muscle and no riddles.


Little or nothing to go on here as far as predictions can be concerned. All I will say is, I can’t wait to see more!

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