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Published on April 3rd, 2013 | by The Invisible Man


Bruce Willis signs on for Die Hard 6!

With ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ playing to poor fan reception, but a solid enough box office, Twentieth Century Fox chief cook, Roland Rungjoy, has publicly reiterated his intention to take the franchise forward for at least one more spin around the body count merry-go-round.

Bruce Willis, said to be disappointed with his portrayal of a senile man in ‘A Good Day to Die Hard”, and still reeling from his part in Hudson Hawk and Striking Distance, has signed on to play New York detective John McClane for another feature. Tentatively titled, ‘Die-Mentia the Hard Way’, an early plot line leaked online at, reveals McClane, this time teaming up with his bat-shit crazy father, taking on terrorists in a New Jersey old folks home.

Concept art showing a modified wheel chair with propellers, two gatling guns and a fog horn have been dismissed as fake.

No word yet on if the limo driver from the original Die Hard, whose name can never be recalled, regardless of how many times you watch the film, will be making a return to the franchise.


But DOOM will keep you posted.

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