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Published on June 27th, 2012 | by Jon Kelly


Zer0cast Episode 32: VIP Ice Cream Party

Hey hey check out those mechanical wonders! Jon and Dan Kelly sit down to enjoy some well-deserved dinner. After heartily consuming some meat and potatoes, they dive into the meat and potatoes of the episode. In this one we battle ogres, chill in BeanWick castle, and try to reprogram some weird robots. Stick to it!

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  • JJ

    I love you guys, I do. But I can’t do it. The whole eating into the mic thing is just repugnant (granted, that is to me, I have no idea how others feel). I’ll catch you next week. No love lost, but I’mma gonna sit this one out.

  • http://www.flushstudios.com Josh Stifter

    Agreed with JJ. I will be skipping this episode. Sorry boys.

  • Will

    Conversely I believe there should be more eating into microphones on podcasts (it didn’t last that long and you can always skip ahead I guess?)

    Anyway I will start up my own Eating Into Microphones podcast and I guess I should put all my money into bandwidth hosting because I am pretty sure it will be bigger than that one show about Florida’s beaches and the all museum audio guidebook podcasts COMBINED

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