Normal Kombat Double Dragon Neon

Published on January 27th, 2014 | by Michael Harris


Normal Kombat Episode 10: Double Dragon Neon – Part I

Double Dragon Neon

DJ and Michael play Double Dragon Neon. It is turbo awesome. Seriously, the Wikipedia gameplay synopsis is amazing.

Some excerpts:

     ...rescue Marian from the Shadow Warriors gang, this time led by the super-lich Skullmageddon... outer-space fighting dojo, an Oriental-themed countryside, a genetics lab, and a graveyard...
     ...The player can collect life-replenishing sodas, money to buy items from shops, and special mixtapes... 
     ...tape's maximum capacity can be increased further by visiting a "Tapesmith" and paying him Mythril...
     ...both Billy and Jimmy can utilize a special "high-five" technique...

DJ as Billy Lee (the blond one)

Michael as Jimmy Lee (the brunet one)

Kasey as guest commentator (a.k.a. our girlfriend Marian)

Also, I googled Skullmageddon and this picture came up:


So that happened.

We still just dick around and aren’t actually reviewing the game. We’re professionals.

Double Dragon Neon Characters

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