*TOTALLY SPOILED* Star Trek Countdown to Darkness 02

Published on May 5th, 2013 | by Harvey Locust


Star Trek Comic Book Review: Countdown to Darkness #2 *TOTALLY SPOILED*

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Welcome Back to *TOTALLY SPOILED* with Harvey Locust where we are going to spoil the Ferengi out of the new Star Trek Countdown series. This is the second issue, so if you missed the first one, CLICK HERE to read it first. Now enough with the yappin’ lets get on with the story….

Star Trek Countdown to Darkness 02

On the surface of Phadaeus IV, at the edge of explored space, is where we find Kirk and Spock confronting Captain April and his rogue army of the indigenous population.  Kirk berates April, calling him a phony but April’s only concern is asking about his ship, which Jim smugly tells him was decommissioned two years prior and that Jim has the new one that he can’t get back to because April shot it down.

aprils army April claims that it was an opposing faction that did it but he is interrupted when explosions start going off.  April and his “men” lead Kirk and Spock deep into some caverns in the mountainside as the attackers pursue. Once inside, April takes Kirk’s phaser and seals off the entrance then gives the phaser back to Kirk.

On the ship, Chekov still can’t get through the interference and Uhura wants to go back down to the planet to look for them. Bones tells her they are probably perfectly fine and Kirk needed some shore leave anyway.

Back in the cave, Kirk asks April who attacked them and why does Star Fleet believe him dead.  April says he will tell them once they are safe and then reveals what seems to be a dead end is actually a hologram covering the entrance to his home.  Spock notes that the hologram is more sophisticated than those currently in use at Star Fleet.aprils home

Inside, April begins the story of what happened.  How his Enterprise was the first to check out Phadaeus IV.  How everything looked normal for an iron aged society “and then we met The Shadows”.  April tells and shows them a video of a mass genocide taking place on the planet where one race slaughters and enslaves another based on their color.  Children being eaten or used as pets.  He tells them that after seeing that he snuck off the ship with as much technology and phasers as he could carry.  Spock inquires as to why his first officer had not arrested him for breaking the Prime Directive. April said that his first officer, Alex Marcus, was his best friend.  Marcus told him he would tell everyone that April was dead, and the fact that Spock and Kirk believed him to be dead was proof that Marcus proved up to his word. Spock calls April out, saying there is way more weapons and technology on the planet than what April first described. April admits to having outside help.

Back on the ship, Uhura is still debating going after them when the ship is approached by a small  vessel with a Bajoran woman on board claiming to make a delivery to April.  When asked who she is…call me mudd



On the planet surface, April has Kirk look through some binoculars at a Shadow army sitting off in the distance and tells him Sulu and Hendroff are captured there.  That starts an argument between the two which gives Spock the opportunity to run off and attempt a rescue on his own.



(click here for part 3!)

If you liked this and want to know more about what Kirk and the crew have been up to since the last movie (including adventures that happened in Star Trek The Original Series but with the twist of the new timeline) head on over to the Message Board of Doom where we will be taking a look at the ongoing comic series one issue at a time, and you can tell us about your thoughts, hopes, and half baked ideas on the new timeline and what it means to the Star Trek Universe in general.

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