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Published on April 22nd, 2015 | by Sharp-O


S.H.I.E.L.D. Exposed – “The Frenemy of My Enemy”

Can the fangirls on Tumblr *please* stop squeeling? Y’all gonna give me tinnitus…  

The Frenemy of My Enemy has to be the dumbest title we’ve had so far and it really doesn’t make sense. “Enemy of my Enemy” would be apt but as it is, it’s just stupid and I hate it.

tumblr_nn0po4y80r1tvtc2fo10_540Other than that, the episode itself is pretty good! Kicks off with some slapstick too, which got a good chuckle out of me.

tumblr_nn6uh8IyQF1qbd52ro2_500 tumblr_nn6uh8IyQF1qbd52ro1_500Between the dangerous alliance forged by Coulson and the tense situation Skye finds herself in lends to an engaging episode. Cal is being dumped out of the Inhuman conclave and Skye is the only one to realise that this is a really dangerous thing to do. He’s liable to go on a rampage but Jiayang doesn’t care, leaving Skye to come up with the idea of going with him and letting him down easy. This goes about as well as can be expected with HYDRA and Deathlok thrown into the mix. In the ensuing chaos, Lincoln and Deathlok are captured by HYDRA and Skye is whisked away by Gordon just as she and Coulson are reunited.

tumblr_nn710fDw7p1qzdcnqo7_540Grant Fucking Ward. Coulson’s boneheaded decision to go to Ward for help, while tactically sound, is bound to go wrong for many, many reasons. One of which is Simmons hacking Mike’s eye cam and catching Coulson and Ward together. That’s gonna be tough to explain. Still, Brett Dalton is on top form as the charismatic asshole we hate to love. Despite how repugnant the character can be, Dalton has an inherent charm that makes his performance hard to hate.

tumblr_nn6rnyKQ471rt5ctno1_500 tumblr_nn6rnyKQ471rt5ctno3_500I like the emerging closeness between Hunter and Fitz. Hunter helped Fitz lose his tail and is there comforting him even as Fitz has to sit across from Ward. These two are going to be a fantastic duo to follow going forward.

tumblr_nn723qek451tdaqflo4_500Stinger is the ‘Real’ SHIELD showing up to the aftermath only to find Coulson more than willing to be taken in. What does this mean? Probably getting the band back together if the next episode title is anything to go by so be sure to come back next week for The Dirty Half Dozen!

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