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Published on June 6th, 2011 | by Shane Morris


Review: Doctor Who – A Good Man Goes to War

Welcome back to “No, YOU’RE a TARDIS!” Doom’s weekly Doctor Who review column. This week we saw the mid-series finale and the last episode until September. Knowing that, I went in expecting answers and desperately hoping we wouldn’t be left guessing too awful much until this Fall. And I was not disappointed at all.


I’m going to just write things as they come to me as I really don’t even know where to begin. I think it’s a side-effect of having my mind blown by that ending. River is Amy and Rory’s daughter! AND the Doctor’s wife and she’s just been gallivanting with them this whole time! The whole sequence from The Doctor getting mad at River for not showing up earlier to the truth finally being revealed was just so well done. I feel sorry for anyone who made the connection when the name “Melody Pond” was first mentioned and therefore couldn’t fully enjoy the reveal. This opens up so many questions too. Does that mean River killed The Doctor in “The Impossible Astronaut?” If so, why? Is that why she is in prison? I realize some of you have probably already figured these things out but the whole River/Doctor backwards timeline thing has always confused me. If anyone can explain it to me I would be happy to listen.

Aside from that, the scene when Amy, Rory and The Doctor are all gathered around the baby was great. I love that The Doctor can speak baby. And bringing out his own ancient baby bed for Melody was a sweet moment. It was really cool seeing so many people and creatures from past episodes all in the same place. Cybermen, a Sontaran, Silurians, a couple Judoon, the pirates from “The Curse of the Black Spot” and even the pilots in their awesome space planes from “Victory of the Daleks” all make appearances. I was quite proud of myself for recognizing them all as during last year’s finale I had no idea who any of the monsters gathered where.

My only problem with this episode was how rushed the parts with the soldiers felt. I’m not sure why they took the time to give The Fat One and The Skinny One identities if they’re never seen or heard from again past one becoming a Headless Monk. And it seemed like Lorna Bucket was nothing but a vehicle for the name reveal. But these are minor gripes with an otherwise perfect episode.

I’m definitely looking forward to where this story goes come September. And hopefully life doesn’t get in the way too much and I can continue writing these. Thank you everyone for reading these articles. Be sure to leave your thoughts and theories in the comments, and check out our Who Is Your Doctor Who? poll!

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