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Mint in Box: LEGO DC Comics – Scarecrow’s Harvest of Fear


Welcome back, everybody! Continuing the crop of new LEGO sets I’ve been sent to review, we’re taking a look at the LEGO DC Comics: Scarcrow Harvest of Fear from the Batman range of sets!

IMG_4987 IMG_4991The box is pretty darn huge and the reverse has a great image of the set in it’s entirety as well as showcasing the action features. This set is available from most retailers for £59.99.

IMG_4995The contents include 5 bags of 563 assorted pieces, two instruction manuals, a sticker sheet and even a mini-comic which has stories for both this set and the Killer Croc Sewer Smash set!

IMG_5036As always, we’ll take a look at the minifigures first and we’ve got quite the eclectic bunch this time!

IMG_5016Naturally, we’ll start with Batsy himself; looking rather tech’d out in his breathing apparutus and rebreather. As noted in my DC Mighty Micros review, Batman’s skin tone comes up much darker on the black but something I didn’t mention was the new capes. In the past they were made of a much stiffer fabric but these new ones, while softer, look garbage around the neck. A minor complaint to be sure but it does bother me a little.

IMG_5034The main antagonist of the set is Scarecrow and he looks exactly like his namesake. Not much to say really but his shabby attire and one-piece hat/hair are spot on.

IMG_5018The farmer is your hostage du jour and looks suitably sweaty and terrified.

IMG_5020Now we get into the weirdoes and one of the big draws of this set for me because if there’s one thing I love it’s obscure comic references and you don’t get much more obscurer than Killer Moth! This neon ne’er-do-well occupies the same tier of silly Batman villains as Kite Man and Crazy Quilt and I adore him. He’s goofy and bright and just makes me smile looking at him.

IMG_5027Blue Beetle is my favourite superhero. No, I’m serious. This B-list teenage hero is this millennium’s answer to Spider-Man and his comic series is one of my favourites so to see Jaime Reyes in all his glory as a minifigure? How could I pass that up? The detailing on his torso and face are perfect, with nothing out of line at all. He even comes with a unique neck piece to give him his signature silhouette and some cool techno bug wings. He’s a keeper!

IMG_5038 IMG_5040 IMG_5042The first part of the build is the little red tractor which is almost elegant in it’s simplicity.

IMG_5045 IMG_5048I don’t know what it is about building a tractor out of LEGO but I strangely found it fun. Maybe because it’s so humble compared to the high-tech Bat-Copter or Scarecrow’s crazy combine harvester but I think it’s a neat little addition to an already cool set for me.

IMG_5049 IMG_5052 IMG_5055 IMG_5057 IMG_5061 IMG_5064 IMG_5071 IMG_5074 IMG_5076The Bat-Copter’s build follows the same kind of steps you’d expect for a helicopter but still throws a curve ball with the tail being geared towards having stud blaster’s pop out of the sides of the vehicle.

IMG_5084 IMG_5087The finished Bat-Copter is a solid little vehicle and very typical of a Batman set so I’m sure you’ll have a blast with it although watch out for the stud launchers, they have a habit of going off inside the fuselage.

IMG_5092 IMG_5095 IMG_5097 IMG_5100 IMG_5102 IMG_5104 IMG_5108 IMG_5110This is where the set gets weird and I am super down for that. There’s some intricate gear building involved early doors but that pays off later, trust me.

IMG_5111 IMG_5117 IMG_5123Yes. I love it. All neon green and muddy browns… If the red tractor was a simple and quaint machine, this behemoth is the Worzle-mobile from hell and it’s brilliant! It’s such a unique vehicle and fits so well for the Scarecrow and is easily the headline act of this set.

IMG_5145 IMG_5125 IMG_5126 IMG_5133 IMG_5135 IMG_5139Scarecrow’s Harvest of Fear is an amazingly fun set and I’m not just saying that because I’m biased towards stuff with Blue Beetle, obscure villains, and agricultural nightmare machines but objectively as a toy set. The builds are fun and the vehicles have lots of play value with their action features and would go great with any number of the other DC Comics sets currently available.

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