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Published on April 27th, 2016 | by Sharp-O


Flash Facts – “Back to Normal”

Back to life! Back to reality!  

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. After the dumb shenanigans of Versus Zoom, we have to endure more dumb as we watch Barry shamble his way around the episode at human speed.

tumblr_o69umlh0jC1tnvsx0o3_500 tumblr_o69umlh0jC1tnvsx0o2_500I find it hilarious that, at certain points, Barry needs people to give him rides and especially for the final battle with Griffin Grey when he’s in full costume. I wish we’d have been shown it because the image in my head is ridiculous. There’s some more Iris and Barry building going on but that’s inevitable and boring soooo…

tumblr_o6alc4RoIH1qa7ubto1_500 tumblr_o6alc4RoIH1qa7ubto2_500Over on Earth-2, Caitlin is getting real tired of Zolomon’s BS. He’s gone a bit Grant Ward to be honest, hoping Stockholm syndrome will set in and Caitlin will love him. He even nabbed Killer Frost because she looks like her! Bloody weirdos, man. Still, Caitlin did devise a way to break the carbine cages so the man in the iron mask should be freed relatively soon. Hopefully. Seriously, I know it’s Old Man Jay under there, I can feel it in my balls!

tumblr_o69wjiBrm41qgw158o1_500Shout-out to Teddy Sears for still being a charming on-screen presence, even when he’s clearly cuckoo for Caitlin Puffs and vowing to conquer Earth-1.

tumblr_o69y91T5lA1uezmbko3_500 tumblr_o69y91T5lA1uezmbko2_500While the main plot deals with Wells’ kidnapping at the hands of Griffin Grey, another meta who dies by the end of the episode (seriously, hasn’t all of them barring Zoom and Piper died this season?), we also get some follow-up from Wally. He’s so close to figuring out Barry is the Flash but he just can’t quite get there. He wants Joe to set-up a meeting so Wally can thank the Flash in person and it’s just the morale boost Barry needs right now.

Not a great episode because “powerless hero” stories suck balls but thankfully we should be getting Barry back up to speed by dousing him in chemicals and getting him struck by lightning again so I’ll see you next time for the Rupture.

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