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Published on June 1st, 2011 | by John


Doom reaches 10,000 milestone

Wow. 10,000 visits. To all of those who spend their valuable spare time on this site – a sincere thank you goes out to you.

This site was originally conceived as a place to host one of our web comics. The idea quickly grew into a lively breeding ground which currently hosts articles, podcasts, and recently, has introduced videos into the mix. Bizarrely, people are reading, listening, and seem to like commenting on what is published around here. And although a small token of thanks, we hope the below picture is a big enough gesture from us, to you, to show how much we do appreciate all our readers out there.

A big thank you from the website of doom

Top left: Mr Aaron (Killer glasses) Poole. Top right: Richard ‘Sharp-O’ (I’m envious of his facial hair.) Bottom left: Me! (I’m no good in front of the camera. I’m smiling wider on the inside, honest.) Bottom right: JJ Hawkins (His pic is ripe to be Photoshopped as a Wanted poster.)

Here’s to the next 10,000!



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