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Published on January 9th, 2013 | by Aaron


Aaron’s WWEport – Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

Facebook and Twitter has lit up about it. Even as I type this on Wednesday, two days after RAW, CM Punk is trending on Twitter. It would seem to be a failure on my part not to chime in, so why wouldn’t I?

For the next three weeks WWE will exist purely to sell Pay Per View bookings. The Royal Rumble takes place on January 27th and their headline match is CM Punk versus The Rock. The promo wars began this past Monday night and it was intriguing to say the least.

CM Punk is one of the best in the business on the mic, Rocky hasn’t been on our screens for nearly a year and the last time we saw him he was writing notes on the back of his hand. They come from two very different schools of wrestling, Punk was an indy wrestler for years before catching a break and Rocky was the chosen one long before he ever referred to himself in the third person. Nobody knew what to expect the first time they faced off.

Here is the full 30 minute talk-off (with slightly dodgy audio).

Here are my thoughts:

CM Punk started it all off with some choice ranting. When Punk breaks down the problems with the company it’s a beautiful thing to behold. The problem I had was when, I feel, he lost his way and tried to tie it into the crowd. He’s a heel, he’s supposed to get people to hate him and I understand that but I personally feel that some of his points were lost in the mix as he weaved back and forth between beefs. He had the crux of a great promo in there, I just thought it was a little tainted by some sloppy execution. Part of that problem lies in the length of time allowed. I think if he had to do this in half the time he was given it would have been perfect.

Rocky started out in a more serious tone, which is something I had hoped for. He made direct points to Punk and referenced Punk’s own words. It was good. Then, unfortunately he started falling back on the old cliches and his tired old routine. It lowered the tone and showed that Rock has trouble working on Punk’s level. Rocky is one of the best ever to work in the WWE but his style just isn’t the current style and it certain isn’t Punk’s style. It may be considered bias, but to me Punk’s tone is a more intelligent one.

Over all, I was a little dissapointed, I look forward to the coming weeks when hopefully things get much more personal. It’s early days though and both guys need to find their feet with this feud. I don’t believe they’ve found their angle just yet.

Where can this all go? I know what I want to see. Rocky needs to play on Punk’s paranoia of being constantly looked over in the WWE. Rocky is the company man, the golden boy and I think he needs to use that.

If there was a knock out punch in Round One it has to be this.


Or, you know “In your face, Jerks”.

CM Punk 1 – The Rock 0

And if you’re wondering why Punk was trending on Twitter earlier:


He was in Miami wearing Dwayne’s old college football Jersey. Snap.

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