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Published on December 27th, 2011 | by Jon Kelly


Zer0cast Episode 18: A Holiday Miracle (The Reflex)

Seriously, it’s a miracle this episode even exists. If you had any idea how many gypsies with hammers we had to fight off… In any case, we’re here, and we’re just having a casual chat about our favorite games. Because we so rarely get to talk about good games. Plus: the bombastic return of the Terrible Movie Idea!

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    • JJ

      Not before I do. It was kind of brilliant, but still…

    • Jon Kelly

      Haha! I suppose it’s not really fair to use the podcast for the stupid internet experiments that Daniel and I think are funnier than they are. “What if we played just The Reflex over and over and mixed it a little too loud?”
      I promise to be more responsible with our internet time together in the future.

      That being said: it totally worked ;)

  • Aaron

    Wait, there was a podcast in this? I was just rocking out for 50 minutes.

  • Sharp-O

    Love me some Duran Duran but FUCK!

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