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Published on July 12th, 2014 | by JJ


Mars Needs Podcasts #272- Off Brand Hunchback

JJ and his amazing friend Jason have started a joke…and will it send the whole world laughing? The pair wonder what the hell is wrong with radio and come up with some solutions to fix it. JJ introduces Jason to some culinary delights and then describes the action movie…the really boring action movie he took place in recently.

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JJ Hawkins currently lives in Portland, Oregon. As a vegetarian, thespian and goatee grower he fits in perfectly.

  • Joey G.

    First of all: This cuts off mid-conversation on my file. Is this specific to me or is the file corrupted?

    Second: JJ, you used the term “Emo” and likened it to the band Maroon 5. Thru no fault of your own, the term has been bastardized, I don’t think you have the correct idea of what “Emo” is. I know the point you were trying to make when you said it, but the actual genre of Emo itself goes back to bands in Washington D.C. in 1985. It’s much closer to Punk rock than anything else. I could point you to hundreds of bands by way of bandcamp and Youtube, but I’d like to avoid posting links here

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