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Published on October 2nd, 2013 | by JJ


Mars Needs Podcasts #231- Agents Of Shield: Mighty, or Meh?

JJ and his amazing friend Jason are here to talk to JJ’s twelve year old self.

“Self”, they say, “there is a show based on S.H.I.E.L.D. on the television right now, and it is expected to be a hit.”

Twelve year old JJ passes out. Upon waking, he asks “Is it any good?”

Then modern JJ says that if he told you in the description, then why would you listen to the show! Stupid twelve year old. Also, the duo talk of just a tiny little bit of Asian cinema and why JJ didn’t go see Won Kar Wei’s latest, but did finally see an action film that is worth the hype.

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JJ Hawkins currently lives in Portland, Oregon. As a vegetarian, thespian and goatee grower he fits in perfectly.

  • Aaron

    Call this an unfair generalization if you must, but JJ Hawkins is wrong about every movie

  • JJ

    While I cannot argue with this amazingly well thought out, yet slightly familiar, perfectly reasonable statement. May I ask what particular film you are speaking of? I know you are not stupid enough to dis Won Kar Wei, and The Raid was a top notch film as well, and I don’t remember talking of other films.

  • Will

    I have very little to add to any of this except that I just saw the first episode of SHIELD recently and pretty much had the same thoughts (although I remembered May, but the others I got no idea, and then the two scientists reminded me of Pacific Rim so yep) — oh! and Kingpin is pretty much a terrible movie but there’s a few good bits with Bill Murray, especially near the end while he’s in the background which, hardly a reason to watch it but might be worth youtube-ing.

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