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Published on January 15th, 2013 | by JJ


Mars Needs Podcasts #195- Finally

JJ and his amazing friend Aaron are back to brighten your day, even if only a little. The two start off with a discussion of an episode of Raw that is a week old as of this posting. Yep, keeping the podcast current, yes we are. The pair also discuss the key to finding satisfaction, if not real success on the internet. And after a little story of parental fear, the two launch into a few comics that you should be reading. Can you smell the ice cream sandwiches that the best people’s champion in the world is cooking?

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JJ Hawkins currently lives in Portland, Oregon. As a vegetarian, thespian and goatee grower he fits in perfectly.

  • Joshua Mosteit

    Surprised you guys didn’t talk about Superior Spider-Man, or was this recorded before the big change? I always enjoy hearing you two Spider-Douche fans moan about “the greatest super-hero evar” (I should smack the black off both your asses). Ah, well. Que sera, sera.

    • Aaron

      It’s funny, you talk so much smack online but I’ve never actually heard the sound of your voice in person. ;)

      • Joshua Mosteit

        Oh, you mean the two whole times we’ve met equaling less than five minutes total face time? Yeah, maybe if you took a break from panels and shit for once, we could have an actually fecking chat.

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