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Published on August 21st, 2011 | by JJ


Mars Needs Podcasts 122- Dragon Pros and Dragon*Cons

JJ and his amazing friends Jason and Aaron Talk about their plans for Dragon*Con. Yep, that is all they had planned, but rest assured that these three cannot stay on any path too long. Aaron does tell you loosely where he will be, so does JJ…eventually. In between all the shameless moments of self promotion the trio discus such as when is the proper time to go pantsless during a panel, or the one person who would be the bestest Doctor Who ever. (it will break your mind) Finally, JJ wonders if the listeners would like us to take an idea from another podcast and reshape it in our own image. Let us know!

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JJ Hawkins currently lives in Portland, Oregon. As a vegetarian, thespian and goatee grower he fits in perfectly.

  • Colin Ballsmonkey Hill

    I’d be down for a classic film club, hopefully most of the picks will be on Instant Watch.

  • LeighBC

    I now have a new name to put in the SuperHero names for me

    SHALLOWPOOL: She fights crime while thinking that her co-heroes and sidekicks look damned good in their spandex

  • Will

    Yeah, a classic movie club would be great, I could definitely use an incentive to get a little more variety in my viewing habits!

    (Also, fantastic episode, I -guess- I agree that Escape from New York doesn’t really hold up and it’s more a memory of Snake Plissken, but just don’t say anything about Assault on Precinct 13!)

  • JJ

    Colin and Will…I seem to be getting more feedback than I expected. That is pretty exciting to me. I am not sure what form the “club” may take, but rest assured, I want to make sure it is easy for every one to see the films.
    Thanks guys!

    Leigh, you may have to fight Aaron for that name, but I love the direction you ran with it!

  • Scott White

    Movie Club! Movie Club! Movie Club! I just melted when Aaron was talking about ‘Pillow Talk’, that is the of many films I will stop what I am doing and sit and watch them on TMC. Just Love them! I would love to do something for this

  • dtcb

    Aaron singing…………………………gross.

  • dtcb

    great thing with a classic movie night is you can do ‘actor retrospecitves’ and go through a particular actor’s retinue………………….Bogart JJ, Bogart.

  • JJ

    Wrong Dan. Aaron’s Hungry Eyes puts a smile on my face. Nothing gross about it.

    Seems the movie club thing may have legs.

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