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Published on November 29th, 2010 | by admin


Mint in Box #5: HFTD Hubcap Figurine

Alrigtht, ya mooks! I know I can come across as a bit of an Abercrombie but even I’m prone to blow my wig at certain things, such as Hubcap from the Hunt For The Decepticons line. This rugged little Joe is just the kind o’ flivver to make any broad turn her head and sigh. Now if any a’ you crumbs can’t dig what I’m saying, I’ll gladly gum the works on this comedy schtick for a sawbuck!

Thank you kindly. Sorry about that folks, got a little lost in the moment there. So yes, it’s Scout-class Hubcap! He’s a delicious little red M&M of a 1930’s car, somewhat similar to a Willys 77. I could totally see the Anthill Mob chasing down the other Wacky Racers in this thing. He is almost a solid block of red plastic, only broken up by blacked out windows, black plastic wheels and surprisingly, silver paint applications on his grill, engine exhaust, rear bumper and… well, hubcaps.

Silver paint has been a rarity in this size class for a while, often substituted for a shabby looking grey, but that will rear its ugly head soon enough. Unlike the past few years, the Autobot symbol on his hood above the grill is not based on the live-action movie. Yes, there is a difference between the two and yes, I am a massive nerd for knowing the difference, let alone that there actually is one.

Don’t you judge me.

Hubcap’s transformation is pure joy. It is delightfully simple, almost insultingly so, but it accomplishes so much, so well, in so few twists and folds that it makes me nostalgic for the days of the 1980’s. I think his transformation owes a lot to the minibots and micromasters of that bygone age, with maybe three to four steps to get him from car to robot and the end result is one hip and cool cat, daddy-o. Wait, that was the 50’s…..

I’ll come right off the bat and say I do not like his shoes. It sounds like a petty thing to gripe about but I don’t want my giant robot franchises mixing, thank you very much. His Gundam shoes can burn in that special place in hell reserved for people who eat Pocky. It makes him look like a robotic Knuckles the Echidna!

Apart from that, I am immensely satisfied with this little guy. His car mode hangs off the back of his robot mode like a magnificent crab-like carapace. In what must be a Transformers first, this figure has splayed open hands rather than a fist with a 5mm peg hole. He’s not entirely unarmed however as the door pipes on his arms let him use any of the clip weapons from this lines other figures, allowing for some truly ridiculous weapon loadouts.

Much like everything else about this toy, the articulation is equally simple but effective. Unlike the majority of scout-class figures, Hubcap is not entirely made of ball-joints, only utilizing them in his neck and elbows. His shoulders and hips are on universal joints, allowing him all the movement a ball joint would but without ruining his aesthetic, with a mid-thigh swivel thrown in for funsies. To bring up his shoes again, his feet are on swivel joints but more for his transformation, meaning unless his legs are flush against each other, it’s hard for you to achieve many flat-footed poses.

Transformers: Hunt for The Decepticons scout-class Hubcap (Now that’s a mouthful, yowzah!) is highly recommended. Maybe I should implement some sort of rating system for these…. Regardless, the car mode is fun and the robot mode is glorious so go pick up this little guy if you are so inclined. Ya mooks.

– Richard Sharpe

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