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Published on November 22nd, 2010 | by admin


Mint in Box #4: Marvel and DC Figurine Collections

We have a quaint tradition here in the UK, one that I do not believe is replicated in many other countries and certainly not in the Americas. We have an odd habit of sticking stuff onto magazines to be collected. I’m not talking shitty “free gifts” on like kids magazines, but collectibles and model kits that people would spend an exorbitant amount of money on to collect. This brings me neatly to my subject for this week, the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection and the DC Comics Super Hero Collection. I figured I’d put these two together since they’re similar lines and they’re both produced by the same company, Eaglemoss.

Eaglemoss is the premiere company in the UK for producing magazines with collectibles attached and has been doing it for years. These two lines cropped up a few years back, Marvel first with the DC line following about a year or so afterwards. The collections are made up of regular 9cm hand-painted lead figurines and special figures that tend to be the larger characters as well as two-packs. The line-ups for both collections are familiar and bewildering at the same time. The initial releases offer up the best known characters; Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, Wolverine, etc then they start throwing in B-to-F list characters such as Kraven the Hunter, Captain Britain, Donna Troy and Darkseid. If you’re a fan of obscure characters, you may be waiting a while but it could just be worth the wait.

I’d better mention the magazine that accompanies these figures. Each issue spotlights the character in question, giving a pretty detailed summary of their story up to around the date of publication. They also go into abilities, relationships, teams, and sometimes background info on the creation of the character. If you know nothing about a certain character, these magazines can give plenty of info to get you interested.

On to the figurines, while the product images are nicely photoshopped affairs, the actual in-hand product can vary wildly. Don’t get me wrong, they’re really fun and you could make a pretty damn awesome chess site out of these things. Maybe that was Eaglemoss’s nefarious plan all along! Very cunning, Eaglemoss…

Yes, these figurines are fun but they have some shocking quality control sometimes. Personally, I’ve had trouble with Batman (his head and cape are a separate piece to the body and is very loose on mine, not to mention the ears on the cowl are curled inwards.) and Wolverine (his claws were splayed open like an inside-out umbrella!) and that’s just the moulding. The paint applications are where things can go badly wrong. My Superman was in a shocking state before I fixed him up a little and often times, the base will have globs of paint that were missed for whatever reason.

So it comes down to the important question; Would I recommend these figurines? I would, but with a caveat attached. If you can, pick these up in person and take a look at the figure in its display box in the package to see if there are any flaws with it before buying. They’re good but not great.

– Richard Sharpe

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