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Published on February 13th, 2012 | by Sharp-O


MiB: Toy Fair 2012 Part I – Marvel

If 2012 is indeed the last year for us all then the toy companies are going to ensure that the kids and collectors are happy campers going out! There’s a ton of stuff to cover so I won’t be covering everything but I’ll show off some images that I personally found to be exciting. Not much to say but I’ll give my general feelings.
As such, we kick off with Hasbro (The first of two segments on them) with Marvel’s Avengers, The Amazing Spiderman and Marvel Universe!

I continue to be unimpressed by the vast majority of the Avengers merchandise. If you want my thoughts on this line, check out my previous Avengers toy article. For now, just enjoy some new pictures and a fantastic look at the enormous (yet totally out of scale) Helicarrier! Sweet Christmas, that’s an awesome playset. It could be bigger but I doubt we’ll ever see a return to the days of the USS Flagg (A 7ft long behemoth of a playset.)but 3ft is perfectly acceptable.

The Amazing Spiderman line offers the usual suspects of repaints and gimmicks but you at least get a proper look at The Lizard design and a peek at the Comic Series figures which include Venom, Green Goblin and a Ben Reilly Spiderman costume! They seem to be pretty good but the detailing on Spidey’s costumes may be a little TOO detailed. Sometimes it makes the figure look like it was chewed by a small dog.

The Marvel Universe has been around since 2009 and has run through a whole plethora of characters and there seems to be no stone left unturned yet as they come out with more and more characters. Some of the highlights of these newer waves include the likes of Beast, She-Hulk, Nova (FINALLY!), Angel, Kang the Conqueror and Beta Ray F***ing Bill! And he has a hinged jaw! *Squee* I can’t wait to pick some more of these up and hopefully review them for you in the future!

All images were provided by Toy Ark. Visit them for even more pictures!
Stay tuned folks because I got more stuff coming your way in the next couple days!

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